You may have heard rumors of the phrase “Freshman 15” when you were still in high school. You may have thought that it wouldn’t apply to you because after all, you were on the school team for a few sports. However, in college two things increase: freedom and stress. With access to as much food as you want, control of your own schedule, and no parental supervision and loads of assignments and exam preparation, your level of discipline may not be enough to prevent you from making the right decisions. But do not fear, we have gathered some of the best tips for you to beat the Freshman 15 here at Purdue!

1. Use The Water Fountain Dispensers



You probably have seen one of these nifty little systems integrated into what is normally just a very average water fountain all around campus. Drinking lots of water is one of the key things to losing weight. Water can help energize your workouts and help cleanse your body of waste. Water can also temporarily boost your metabolism. Sometimes, when you feel super hungry, you are just super thirsty. Instead of gorging yourself on another meal, fill your water bottle up in the fountain and quench your thirst. With one of these dispensers located on every floor of each dorm at Purdue, a fresh source of water will always be near you.

2.Deserting The Dessert Section

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In each of Purdue‘s dining courts, there is always that one corner that has all of the oh-so-delicious desserts: all you can eat ice cream, cookies, cakes, and berry pies. To prevent Freshman 15, it should be your duty to make a mental note of where exactly are these locations in each dining court and to make sure you stay away from them. While you can give yourself some leeway and treat yourself to some dessert maybe a few times per week, you should make sure that you and your friends are not sitting anywhere in the dining courts where this tempting oasis of delight resides.

3.Choose Your Meal Plan Wisely

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At Purdue, there are various meal plans that grant students meal swipes and dining dollars. Each meal swipe allows students entry for one meal at a dining court and dining dollars can be used to purchase food at certain locations. You should take note of how many meals swipes per week and how many dining dollars per semester you actually use and adjust your meal plan accordingly. Perhaps you may even try to cut down the number of meals you eat each week, especially if you are on an unlimited meal swipe plan. You can be saving more money and saving yourself from over eating if you decide to switch to a meal plan with less meal swipes and dining dollars.

4.Join A Fitness Class At The Corec



If you are new to working out, just going to the Corec by yourself may be quite scary and intimidating at first. You may not necessarily know what each piece of equipment is used for and to be honest, sometimes working out can get super boring. You should look into the fitness classes offered by the Corec. You can choose from a wide variety of selections, including learning how to scale cliffs from rock climbing lessons, flexibility and mental calmness from yoga classes, and upbeat group dance workouts from Group X. There are many ways to get fit, but the most important thing is that they should be fun and easy to get into (but challenging to master).

5.Find A Workout Buddy

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We have all heard of the phrase, “iron sharpens iron.” Well despite how cliché it sounds, it is actually quite true. Sometimes you may simply not feel motivated at all to workout. However, Freshman 15 doesn’t care whether you are motivated or not, so you better find a way to keep going. It’s a good idea to find a workout buddy. Whether he or she is from your dorm, math class, or club, your workout buddy will help motivate you on days you don’t want to train while you help them when they are unmotivated. With this buddy system, there is less likely of a chance that you will miss workout days and you will also earn the friendship of a loyal companion.

Physical fitness and physical well-being is an important aspect of our lives. It is important not to let your freshman year of college carry you away from maintaining a healthy and fit body. Not only will you feel much better, staying healthy and exercising regularly can help you maintain a sharp mind that can help you study hard and ace your exams, so that you can graduate as soon as possible and enter the workforce.

Jonathan Liu

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