You may be needing some extra credits to maintain a minimum number of credit hours based on your major or a scholarship that you have. However, your current schedule may already be super busy and you simply cannot handle another serious class. So how exactly are you going to get those additional credits without putting additional stress upon yourself? Well here at Purdue University, there are a wide variety of electives that you can take that still give you credit. Among the selection of classes, some are quite boring while others are quite fun. Here are some of the least boring electives at Purdue that won’t require much of your time while still providing credit hours.

1.PES 115 Bowling

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This is literally a class where you literally bowl for credit hours. Of course, you won’t be bowling the entire time as you will be learning about game mechanics, rules, scoring and other game-related things, but you will be able to bowl 2 games each class. Instead of having to really work your brain attempting to decipher the cryptic messages that your professors are trying to convey in your math class, you are put in a relaxed environment where you learn the fundamentals of a simple game. If you really get into bowling, perhaps you may even consider joining Purdue’s bowling club! Since this class is located in the Memorial Union, you will have access to a bunch of restaurants that serve delicious food after your class.

2.ENG 232 Dragons: Myth and Literature

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A class about dragons? Seriously? ENG 232 is a class that explores dragons, mainly by studying how they were depicted in past written works and more modern things such as video games and movies. If you are a fan of Tolkien, play Skyrim, or enjoyed how the How To Train Your Dragon Series, this class is perfect for you! This class was created as a way to make English class more interesting to students. Students get to read different books and written pieces including His Majesty’s Dragon, Beowulf, and even a graphic novel, Nimona. This class is perfect if you do not enjoy the bland boring articles that you need to read for school assignments in general where instead, you are given exciting stories about adventures with dragons.

3.CS 10100 Digital Literacy

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Whether you are a CS major or just an avid hobbyist who has some interest in technology, this class is worth considering. Even though you won’t be doing any programming or assembling actual hardware, this class gives an overall awareness of the technology that is out there and how it works. You will be lead by Douglass Comer, who headed a number of research projects that lead to the creation of the Internet and has written quite a bit textbooks which are widely used. With his passion for technology and enthusiastic teaching style, you will be lead on a wild journey through the past, present, and future of tech.

4.FS 470 Wine Appreciation


Enjoy a chill, relaxed environment where you can taste different types of wines served along with some bread and cheese. In this class, you will learn the business behind wine production, the history of wine, and different wine tastes. The class itself does not have very much homework and you even get to tour a winery. Being a self-declared connoisseur of wine can be an entertaining side hobby that you can do while studying for your actually career and still get credit. Eventually, you will develop an expert taste in all sorts of wine, beer, bourbon, and other alcoholic drinks.

5.HIST 371 Society, Culture, and Rock and Roll

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In this class, students will explore how rock and roll affected post World War II society. The class will survey trends and styles in rock and roll including its origin from country and blues, how it related to the corporate and political world, and how it was used as a form of social expression. Lead by Professor Roberts, a popular professor amongst students at Purdue, this class is taught in a lively upbeat manner filled with discussions of the rich culture behind this genre of music. Perhaps you will be a fan of rock and roll after taking this class.


Electives can be quite fun and interesting if you take the right ones. We all have the things we need to learn and understand when it comes to our majors and future careers, but it is always nice to learn a few new things that are unrelated but can be interesting. With at least some exposure of different things, we may develop new interests or just be aware of different career options and hobbies that are out there for a more wholesome experience of life in general.

Jonathan Liu

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