Here is a compilation of the most popular and best “Overheard at Queen’s” posts.

With over 23,00 members from Queen’s University, Overheard is a group for students to share hilarious conversations, bring inappropriate behavior to light, and highlight acts of kindness around campus. Enjoy the 50 best “Overheard at Queen’s” posts:

1. RIP

2. The time we got Uber!

3. We are a fashion statement

4. Pretty much everyone has this shirt (via WUCKFESTERN.ca)

5. That time Steve Aoki waved our flag!

6. The 2 things we care about most

7. Puck is life

8. Um….

9. Major key

10. What does it say?

11. Need glasses?

12. Carly and her free hugs!

13. Awesomeness!

14. This guy

15. and this guy

16. Nails on point

17. Creepy af

18. The time we got our boy Richard some fresh kicks

19. Carly isn’t the only one giving free hugs out

20. Stack that paper

21. Defend the Queen’s

22. Stress Relief

23. Queen’s Players

24. Squirrels

25. The time we helped find a bike

26. You kick my horse

27. Redbull gives you wings

28. ET phone home

29. Haters gunna hate

30. Give me a break!


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