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Queen’s University students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at Queen’s.

We recommend adding in your midterm and exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

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Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at Queen’sPast Midterms and Exams
APSC 111MechanicsView Now
APSC 112Electricity and MagnetismView Now
APSC 131Chemistry and MaterialsView Now
APSC 132Chemistry and its ApplicationsView Now
APSC 142Introduction to Computer Programming for EngineersView Now
BCHM 102Introduction to BiochemistryView Now
BIOL 110Human Genetics and EvolutionView Now
CHEE 209Analysis of Process DataView Now
CHEE 210Thermodynamic Properties of FluidsView Now
CHEE 434Process Control IIView Now
CISC 235Data StructuresView Now
CIVL 210Chemistry for Civil EngineersView Now
CIVL 215Materials for Civil EngineersView Now
CIVL 220Statics and Solid MechanicsView Now
CIVL 222Numerical Methods for Civil EngineersView Now
CLST 100Introduction to Classical LiteratureView Now
CLST 101Introduction to Greek and Roman CivilizationView Now
CLST 129Introduction to ArchaeologyView Now
COGS 100Introduction to Cognitive ScienceView Now
COGS 201Cognition and ComputationView Now
COMM 103Business ManagementView Now
COMM 104Business Ethics and Corporate Social ResponsibilityView Now
COMM 111Introduction to Financial AccountingView Now
COMM 112Introduction to Management AccountingView Now
COMM 121Introduction to FinanceView Now
COMM 122Finance IIView Now
COMM 131Introduction to MarketingView Now
COMM 151Organizational BehaviourView Now
COMM 161Introduction to Mathematical Analysis for ManagementView Now
COMM 172Managerial EconomicsView Now
COMM 181Introduction to Human Resources ManagementView Now
COMM 200Business FundamentalsView Now
COMM 211Financial AccountingView Now
COMM 212Management AccountingView Now
DEVS 100Canada and the “Third World”View Now
ECON 110Principles of EconomicsView Now
ECON 111Introductory MicroeconomicsView Now
ECON 212Microeconomic Theory IView Now
ECON 250Introduction to StatisticsView Now
ECON 320Macroeconomic Theory IIView Now
ECON 351Introductory EconometricsView Now
ECON 370Urban and Regional EconomicsView Now
ECON 423Topics in Financial EconomicsView Now
ELEC 210Introductory Electric Circuits and MachinesView Now
ELEC 221Electric CircuitsView Now
ELEC 252Electronics IView Now
ELEC 270Discrete Mathematics with Computer Engineering ApplicationsView Now
ENGL 100Introduction to Literary StudyView Now
FILM 110Film, Culture and CommunicationView Now
GPHY 101Human GeographyView Now
GPHY 102Earth System ScienceView Now
GPHY 103Water ResourcesView Now
GPHY 104Forests as a Global ResourceView Now
MATH 111Linear AlgebraView Now
MATH 112Introduction to Linear AlgebraView Now
MATH 120Differential and Integral CalculusView Now
MATH 121Differential and Integral CalculusView Now
MATH 123Differential and Integral Calculus IView Now
MATH 124Differential and Integral Calculus IIView Now
MATH 126Differential and Integral CalculusView Now
PHYS 104Fundamental PhysicsView Now
PHYS 106General PhysicsView Now
POLS 110Introduction to Politics and GovernmentView Now
POLS 211Canadian GovernmentView Now
POLS 212Canadian PoliticsView Now
PSYC 100Principles of PsychologyView Now
PSYC 202Statistics in PsychologyView Now
PSYC 215Sensation and PerceptionView Now
PSYC 231The Study of PersonalityView Now
PSYC 271Brain and Behaviour IView Now
PSYC 305Human MemoryView Now
PSYC 371Research Problems in Behavioural NeuroscienceView Now
SOCY 210Social Research MethodsView Now
SOCY 211Introduction to StatisticsView Now
SOCY 225Sociology of GlobalizationView Now
SOCY 226Central Concepts in Sociological TheoryView Now
SOCY 273Social PsychologyView Now
COMM 173Introduction to International BusinessView Now
LAW 142Public LawView Now
ASTR 101Astronomy I: The Solar SystemView Now
POLS 230American ElectionsView Now
SOCY 235Race and RacializationView Now
HLTH 305Fundamentals of Health PolicyView Now
LAW 201Introduction to Canadian LawView Now
BIOL 102Introductory Biology of CellsView Now
BIOL 331Analytical GenomicsView Now
CHEM 211Main Group ChemistryView Now
MATH 110Linear AlgebraView Now
NSCI 324Systems NeuroscienceView Now
BIOL 350Evolution and Human AffairsView Now
HIST 255Renaissance and Reformation EuropeView Now
GNDS 120Women, Gender, DifferenceView Now
HLTH 102Physical Determinants of HealthView Now
BIOL 206Evolutionary GeneticsView Now
CHEM 212Principles of Chemical ReactivityView Now
ENSC 390SustainabilityView Now
RELS 131World Religions/Religious WorldsView Now
MICR 270Infection, Immunity and InflammationView Now
BIOL 205Mendelian and Molecular GeneticsView Now
PATH 310Pathology and Molecular MedicineView Now
ELEC 280Fundamentals of ElectromagneticsView Now
GEOL 104The Dynamic EarthView Now
PSYC 241Social PsychologyView Now
CLST 102Introduction to Greek CivilizationView Now
GEOL 102Gemstones: Their Art, History and ScienceView Now
BIOL 201Diversity of Life IView Now
KNPE 225Advanced Human PhysiologyView Now
SOCY 122Introduction to SociologyView Now
HIST 121The Intellectual Origins of the Contemporary WestView Now
BIOL 103Introductory Biology of OrganismsView Now

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