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Yes, we all know that school sucks but we need to survive it. Everyone has a different method of trying to cope and these methods result in different kinds of students. Some of these are:

1. The ones that are serious

They do their work on time; all the webworks and labs and attended every class. Even go as far as doing work two weeks in advance. Down side is that they have no social life.

2. The ones that can’t kill themselves for school

They do the little work which they can finish and leave the rest, because they do not want stress in their lives. Motto:

3. The ones that can turn up any time of the day

These are not your usual party goers that party from 10 pm to 4 am. They are constantly partying at any given time of the day. Their motto is ‘Y.O.L.O’.  Literally, what is school? Classes are for weirdos.

4. The bosses

These are the ones that actually manage to be on top of all their school work and still have time to attend all the raves. It is not an easy task at all but they actually manage to pull it off effortlessly. What are the rest of us doing with our lives?

5. The ones that consider dropping out at least twice a day

Becoming a stripper sounds like a good plan, right about now. Honestly, school sucks. Even if your parents ‘murder’ you for becoming a stripper at least you died happy, right? It doesn’t have to be all about school ,there are so many other things that are satisfying and less stressful.

6. The ones that are always confused (lost frosh for life)

They never know when anything is due and are late to almost every class. After months in school,they still hear their friends talking about a project due in a day and they are like “what project?”. 

7. The ones that are here to sleep

Routine: Stay up doing absolutely nothing productive. Sleep late. Wake up late. Decide not to go for class. Sleep through the day. Or go for class and sleep through the lecture. Wake up during lunch time, eat and sleep again. Why would someone sleep so much you ask? Because…

8. The ones that claim they can read on their own and skip all their classes.

This set literally attends two classes and concludes that their professors are wack and they can study themselves and understand it better than the professor’s explanation. So they skip all their classes, even though they are paying for it. Some of them actually pass but others… well, not everyone is book smart.

9. The ones that are here for food

When you first heard about Freshman 15,when a first year student gains weight because no one is regulating what they eat, you probably laughed cause it sounded dumb. Well… it’s not. Freshman 15 is real! Proof: All the first year students who have can’t fit into their jeans anymore. But still…


Apart from groups 1, 2 & 4, the rest of you need to get your life in order. You can do this!  A couple more weeks till Christmas break! Seriously, how hard could it possibly be?


Yvonne Agbu

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