Hello people.

Yes, we are here again. It’s that time of the month again- No, not ‘that’. I meant time of the year. Anyway, it’s exam season. How’s everyone coping?

Tis the season to consider dropping out of school- again.

Most of us have repeatedly asked our friends to shoot us and end the misery-  to no avail. Others have accepted the fact that taking an ‘L’ is part of life and unlike Big Sean, not all of us can bounce back.

Truth is, this could have all been avoided by actually studying when we were supposed to- Haha.

All hope is not lost guys. You don’t have to get perfect on everything, you just have to not fail- should be easy enough *coughs*.

After all, you’re only trying to squeeze 12 weeks of information for 5 courses into your head in less than a week. Stop complaining.

YOU CAN DO THIS. Here are a few tips:

1. At least 4 hours of sleep

Saying a college student should get a full night’s rest is just silly. What use is sleep if you don’t know what to write during the exam. If you have read and understand what you’re doing that’s awesome- super happy for you. If you haven’t read though, a few all nighters won’t kill you but make sure you get a few hours of sleep at least 4.We don’t want you to pass out while writing your exam.

2. Exercise

This may not seem that important in the face of your ‘failure’ but it helps by releasing endorphins that improve your mood. We don’t want you depressed. Since teenagers never do what they are told, don’t exercise.Instead, dance. Play your fave song and let loose. Dance therapy is definitely a thing.

3. Pick a few subjects to focus on

You have a few days. Thinking you can do it all is the first problem. Choose to focus on the difficult topics in particular subjects and master them, that why you are not going into the exam blind. If you have enough time many do that for all your subjects.

4. There is always next term

For those of you taking a 2 part course ( fall and winter), you can always make up the score. It’s not “just” a midterm, but you still have finals. Take it easy. If it’s not a two part course, then focus on it. That score is going on your record.

5. Consider your options

Stress is bound to catch up to you. That’s when Queen’s Facilities come in handy. We have a lot of services like free first year therapy, dog de-stressing booths and many more. Ask your dons. Use them! A rant session to someone who doesn’t know you  is bound to help you de-stress or better yet petting a cute dog!

6. SOS

If you are sure you are going to fail and you are too broke for a course cram session, there is always SOS (students offering support). They have sessions on various subjects and they are super affordable. You could check them out here:


7. EAT

Food is very important! We cannot stress this enough. Fainting will do you no good, even if you know everything. So, eat- your brain needs the glucose. Use up all those tams, what are you saving them up for?

If you are not comfortable asking your don for Queen’s services, here are few resources below:

  • AMS Peer Support Centre– Email: amspeersupport.com
  • Student Wellness Services– Phone: 613-533-2506
  • Queen’s Counselling Service– Email: [email protected]
  • Good2Talk(Student Helpline)– Phone: 1-866-925-5454

There is not much anyone can do for you at the end of the day it’s all up to you.


Exams are tough, but you are a bad-ass. You got this!!

Good luck!

Yvonne Agbu

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