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With over hundreds of different courses offered at Queen’s, it’s a common notion among students that one of the more grueling aspects of university is course selection. Whether you’re looking for a bird course to boost your GPA or dabble in an area you’re interested in but don’t quite want it to take a hit on your mark, here are 10 of the easiest courses at Queen’s University.

1. CLST 205 – Ancient Humour

When one thinks of Queen’s and bird courses together, the first thing that comes to every Queen’s student’s mind is Ancient Humour. With no exam and marks solely coming from weekly online quizzes and participation in tutorials, this is the easiest of bird courses and requires minimal work. And who knows – maybe you can apply the theories of both the modern and ancient humour taught in this course to making A1 memes on Twitter! Anything for the retweets, right?

2. ANAT 100 (Online) – Anatomy of the Human Body

Students have two group assignments, an assessment every week – and wait for it… no final exam. If you’re interested in the general anatomy of your body and have a desire to save a few hours per week from the lack of lectures, then this course is for you. Now you can be as happy as Carlton when you wake up and realize you have no class!

3. PHYS P20 – Physicists in the Nuclear Age

For those of you who like science but don’t want to actually, you know, DO science, then this may be the course that fits the bill. This course explores the impact of science on our century by introducing the writings of key scientists in nuclear physics such as Bohr, Einstein and Rutherford. Do you know how to apply the famous E=mc^2 equation? Probably not. But do you know the history behind it? Yes. Either way, you’ll sound pretty impressive at parties.

4. ASTR 101 – Astronomy I: The Solar System

No need for knowledge on science or math in this introductory course on the solar system, but rather just an interest in the expanse of glimmering stars that shows its face every night. And plus, who wouldn’t want to sit out and watch the night sky as a method of studying rather than typing out a 10- page essay on five cups of coffee? Count me in.

5. MUSC 171 – Social History of Popular Music

Do you love the Beatles, Elvis, and the classics of 20 th century pop music? Then why not get graded for it?! MUSC 171 goes through the genres and stylistic trends of several pop artists and groups throughout the century. By the end of the course, you’ll probably have built up a bang-up set of Spotify playlists to get you through exam season.

6. LAW 201 – Introduction to Canadian Law

If you’re looking for something more practical to everyday life and want to learn the rules that govern our court system, then taking LAW 201 may not be a bad move. With alternating profs for every module, this course is sure to keep you engaged and make you more aware of the happenings of our world. One thing for sure – fans of the show Suits may view the show with a critical eye after taking this course.

7. HLTH 102 – Physical Determinants of Health

This course is basically high school gym class all over. In other words, an easy A. Anyone who’s wanting to enhance their personal health awareness, knowledge, and practices may also find this course rather practical. Get your 150, Gaels!

8. CLST 203 – Myth and Religion

Fans of Percy Jackson and Greek mythology will enjoy (and probably ace) this course that examines the basic ancient Greek and Roman myths, as well as their social function and meaning. Gods, supernatural forces, rivalry… why wouldn’t you want to study a course that already sounds like an awesome novel?!

9. GEOL 106 – Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards

Ever wonder how tsunamis and tornadoes occur? Well, this course is introduces natural and man-made environmental phenomena which are regarded as catastrophes on a regional scale. Next time you see workers opening fissures and extracting oils, you’ll be aware of how it can impact the environment and amplify natural hazards. Scary stuff! But rather cool, no?


10. MICR 270 (Online) – Infection, Immunity & Inflammation

The textbook for this course is so thin that it won’t even be useful as a paperweight anymore (like we’ve done at least once with all our textbooks, am I right?). This course focuses on the biology of the immune system in combating infections caused by common pathogens as well as major global infectious disease threats.




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