1. The primary colours are now only known as “tricolour”

Every time you see red, yellow, and blue together anywhere, you think “Tricolour” … and you might have posted it on the Overheard at Queen’s Facebook group too.

2. Snow days are not a thing here. Ever.

Queen’s University staff be like:

3. Trying to find a seat in Stauffer ever, but especially during exam season, is highly frustrating

Lack of study space has been such an issue that in every AMS election for the past few years, campaigners have promised to fight for the creation of new study spaces for us. Seriously, instead of Stauffer maybe try BioSci or Botterell?

4. We celebrate diversity and view differences as strengths here at Queen’s. But, sometimes we laugh at ourselves for how alike we are…

5. If you’re getting on the bus at West Campus, or any stop afterward, be prepared to stand uncomfortably in between what feels like a thousand people.

6. The famous Kingston squirrels.

From pizza stealing squirrels, to window-creeping squirrels, to the famous “golden” squirrel, you know them all if you go to Queen’s.

7. When someone pronounces Cha Gheill as “Cha-Gayle”

8. Those people with purple skin, slamming their jackets?

Just our engineering students.

9. If you ever lived in Victoria Hall, you’ve been subject to way too many 4am fire alarm pranks.

10. You might have heard of this ninja ice cream thief, too.

11. The jealousy you experience when all your friends at other colleges and universities are going home for Fall Reading Week … but you don’t have one.

Thankfully, Queen’s is now implementing a Fall Reading Week effective September 2017!

12. The beauty of our campus is unique (especially in Fall!).

13. Seeing that BeaverTails is back on campus again and deciding whether it’s worth it to be late to your class.

Hint: It is worth it.

14. The mystery of the rectangle sculpture

Is it art? Really, what is this thing?

15. Every year having to remind our fellow students not to get too crazy so we don’t get Homecoming taken away from us again.

So far, we’ve been good!


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