1. I can always make back-to-back classes from Main Campus to West Campus!

2.There’s nothing to eat!

With three dining halls and twenty-one retail food outlets right on campus, it’s hard to imagine running out of places to eat at Queen’s. The university offers a variety of food choices that can accommodate the needs of every student including vegetarian dishes, healthy options, and other alternative diet selections available.

3.“The winter is so warm in Kingston!”

Courtesy of Lake Ontario, the residents of Kingston experience icy, frigid winds accompanied by temperatures that reach below -20 degrees Celsius during the chilly winter months.

4. “The Starbucks lines are so short!”

Is this true anywhere?

5. “Western is so much better than Queen’s!”

Go directly to jail; do not pass go, do not collect $200.

6. “There’s nothing to do around here!”

Queen’s University is renowned for its vibrant student life filled with endless ways to get involved in the community. The university is home to approximately 450 student clubs, 13 varsity teams, 20 varsity club sports, tons of volunteering and work opportunities and lots more.


7. “I have absolutely no Queen’s merchandise!”

In addition to piles of merch from the Campus Bookstore or the Tricolour Outlet or the Q-Shop (etc.), Queen’s students are more than likely to acquire hundreds of T-shirts and hoodies from each and every one of the aforementioned clubs and activities.

 8. “I don’t need to lock up my bike!”


With bike theft having been a rather common and rampant occurrence in Kingston’s past, it’s known to be best to use extremely strong locks and to even secure handlebars, wheels, and seats to the frames of bikes.


 9. “I don’t like frosh week!”


10. “There’s no school spirit!”

The Tricolour. Unique traditions. A one-of-a-kind frosh week. Endless amounts of ways to get involved. If there’s one thing that Queen’s University is known for, it’s its school spirit. Cha Gheill!


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