Going away to school can be hard for many reasons, but missing out on Mom’s home-cooked meal has to be one of the hardest. For all the picky eaters out there, here’s a list of the best eats in each dining facility at Quinnipiac University.

What to Eat: The Café

The cafeteria, or ‘café’ as students call it, on the Mount Carmel campus has the widest variety of meals and snacks for students and staff to choose from. Although some stations vary in choices based on the day, there are the few solid picks you can always rely on.


IHOP may be the international house of pancakes, but the Breakfast All Day station has claim to the best tasting in the state of Connecticut. Cooked to perfection, the Chartwells workers really know how to flip a pancake. Beware of the station on weekends as hungover students have a tendency to crave the delicacy, forming a line to Guam and back.


As long as the person running the station isn’t obnoxiously slow, wraps are always the move. Grilled, crispy or buffalo chicken, an array of cheeses and other toppings all rolled up and grilled to perfection can satisfy any in-between class craving.

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Bread

Yes, you read right. Not an every-day item at the pizza station, ‘buff-chick’ bread is by far the best thing Chartwells has to offer.

Au Bon Pain

Self-explanatory, everything from Au Bon is amazing. Try the warm chicken avocado sandwich you won’t regret it.

What Not to Eat: The Café

The Daily Meals

Although they may sometimes look appetizing, the station filled with new options on the daily may not always be the best thing to trust. The potatoes are always a move, but I would not necessarily trust the meat.

What to Eat: The Rat

Labeled the “Bobcat Den” the former on campus bar now serves as a smaller version of the café with many similar choices. Open later than most of the other dining services, the Rat feeds off of the late-night munchies after a night out or simply a long day of classes.

Snacks on snacks on snacks

The Rat has most any snacks you can imagines. From the pretending to be healthy cliff bars to the tasty cakes there’s never a time you’ll leave empty handed.


Balancing out the unhealthy cravings, the Rat also has the best salads on campus. The endless possibilities of choices at Mondos cater to everyone’s special cravings with a multitude of toppings and dressings to choose from.


The milkshakes really do bring all the undergrads to the Rat with a variety of choices including the classics chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

What Not to Eat: The Rat

Grilled Food

Although the food may still be cooked to perfection, unfortunately anything made on the grill at the Rat is cooked on the same grill. French toast taste like burgers, eggs mix in with the occasional chocolate chip, it’s just truly not a good combination.

What to Eat: York Hill Café

The York Hill café is something in and of itself. Matching the options of the café on Main, the upper-class campus takes food to another level in their specialized stations and do-it-yourself products.

Mozzarella Sticks

Everyone’s favorite greasy food, the café on York offers this specialty at 3:00 PM every day. Suggested to arrive before to beat the crowd.


Although some people just refer to it as an inside out pizza, nothing can ever describe the beauty of watching someone create your own perfect little pocket of goodness right before your eyes.

What Not to Eat: York Hill Café

I’m honestly not sure if there is anything bad in this café the options are endless.

Let’s face it, there’s not really ‘bad’ food to be found at QU. Not every college campus can claim to have the wide variety and well tasting selection that Quinnipiac has. Befriending those that make your food and trying new things when available can really add to the monotony of the average college lifestyle.


Jess Ruderman

Reigning from the suburbia of Monmouth County, New Jersey, Jess attends Quinnipiac University as a 3+1 Communications major with a focus in Journalism and a minor in Political Science. A food/coffee enthusiast and devoted Harry Potter fan, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of great authors in bringing a love of literature back to society.

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