Many first year student at Quinnipiac University will find themselves having to take EC*111 and at first sight, the thought of going through such a course may seem daunting. Rest assured, with these simple tips you will find yourself breezing through this course with no difficulty at all.

1. Show up to class

In college, most professors leave attendance and the responsibility of showing up to the students and very few of them even take attendance. This could prove to be difficult and even become an issue for some students. The majority of learning is done in the classroom and this could prove to be a vital tool because difficult material can be further discussed with your professor. It may seem very simple and something that most would not even think about but it can play a large role in your success.

2. Take notes

Notes play the most crucial role when it comes to studying for a test. Without your notes to look back on, it would be quite difficult for you to study all the appropriate and necessary information for the given test. No matter how pointless the information may seem, it won’t hurt you to write it down just in case. The information may prove to be useful in the future. When taking your notes, be sure to start with the most important part of the presentation or lecture and then throw in details that you deem fit. Just remember that the notes you take do not necessarily have to be lengthy, just as long as they cover the information that you may be struggling with or that you know you will have to reference back on at a later time.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask your classmates for help

A common misconception about college and its courses is that everyone is on their own and talking to fellow classmates is just plain taboo. As time begins to fly by in the semester, you will learn that you can receive a lot more help from your classmates than your actual professor in some cases.  Your classmates are in the same boat with you and want to succeed just as bad as you want to. It won’t hurt to just ask someone siting next to you if they could repeat what the professor said or just give a rough explanation of it. In most cases, they’ll be glad to help and who knows, you may make a new friend from it too.

4. Set up meetings with your professor

The majority of Economics professors at Quinnipiac tend to have office hours where students can meet up with them and discuss material already explained and taught in the classroom. This can be an opportunity to get a better understanding of harder and more difficult material. Your professor will be more than happy to have a meeting take place and they will take note of your eagerness to learn. In some instances, professors will offer additional participation points to those who come to their meetings. It’ll be a win/win situation for you in the long run. A potential increase in your test average and additional participation points. You can’t argue with that.

5. Tutors will help you a TON

Quinnipiac has a very popular tutoring center known as the “Learning Center” It is free for anyone to use with an appointment made in advance. However, the tutors there may not necessarily have much experience in the certain field that you are struggling with, so help may be minimal. The school also has a system to pair you with a tutor of your desired subject and in order for them to be a tutor, they had to have had a minimum of an A average in the course so typically you will find a lot of help from a tutor. The only downside with an actual tutor is that they are not free. Tutors usually charge a fee per hour but to some students, that fee is well worth the passing grade. If you decide that a paid tutor is simply not worth the money, the learning center is always free and odds are that you find some useful information from the sessions that they provide.

Final Word

Economics is a very broad subject and may seem difficult to the naked eye. To some people it will prove to be difficult which is why tutors are extremely important in passing this course. However for others, simple habits and changes in the ways that they go about their class can drastically improve their grade at the end of the semester. Hopefully these tips help you succeed and best of luck!

Axel Miazga

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