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SB 101 is the first Business core class that many incoming freshman have to take at Quinnipiac University. The class is mainly based on understanding  the concept of how businesses work and the choices businesses must make. As an incoming freshman, you may not know what to expect from this class.  But don’t worry, this is here to guide you to help you succeed in the class.

1. Make friends with people that sit around you 

People say that the first seat you pick on the first day is crucial. During this course, you are going to need friends to ask questions about assignments you will be getting. After a month into the course, you will be put into groups for an assignment called Mike’s Bikes, which will last the whole semester. This is where the help of your friends from outside of your group comes into play. If everyone in your group has no idea how to do the assignment, you are all screwed. Also, who you sit near is who will most likely be in your group. So sit next to the cute guy/girl on your first day and they may turn out to be in your group.

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2. Be patient 

This class may seem tedious and you might think that the class is pointless. However, what you learn in this class is the basis of what you learn for any business major. The point of the class may not be obvious at the beginning of the course, but everything all comes together at the end. Also, be patient with the annoying people in the class. You may surprisingly need help from them in the future.

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3. Read the articles 

Every assigned reading is important to every assignment given and Mike’s Bikes. They’re really long and tedious to read but if you don’t read them, you will struggle at the beginning of the course. Read the articles please. It will relieve all the stress from your chest.

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4. Be open-minded 

You may get a group that you don’t like, but every person brings something to the table. In the beginning you want everyone to listen to you and your ideas. However, most of the time, you may be wrong. You need to be able to be open-minded about all  your group’s ideas to be successful. If not, your group will not succeed.

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5. Hand in all your work on time 

If you don’t hand in all your work, you’ll see that your average in that course will drop dramatically. And when it drops dramatically, it is hard to pick it back up because there aren’t many graded assignments. The assignments are few but do weigh a lot. So make sure you hand in all your work on time because you do not want to regret it at the end of the semester. Also, depending on your teacher, late work will not be accepted and partial credit is very rare.

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You may think going into college is going to be easy and nothing like high school. However, you’re going to find some people still stuck in high school and who don’t do their part in group work.  SB 101 is an easy course, just follow these steps and you will be good to go!


Olamide Gbotosho

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