If you are a student at Quinnipiac, you’ve definitely heard all of the hype around the hockey games here! If you have ever debated attending one of the games, you should know it’s never too late to attend one. Even if you have never watched a hockey game and don’t know the rules of the sport, or if you are someone who actually enjoys watching hockey games in your leisure time. The hockey games are a blast for everyone!

1. The Environment

From the moment that you first step foot into the Hockey Arena, all the way to when you are walking back to the shuttle or to your car, the environment of the game is unforgettable. The entire time that you are at the hockey game you will be surrounded by fellow students and people from all over. The excitement and adrenaline rushing through everyone gets let out into the air when the goals are scored. It is guaranteed that the experience of each game will be unique and that each one will be as unforgettable as the last one.

2. The Food

As you’d expect from any sports events, there is always concession at the Hockey Games. The food available there ranges from simple hotdogs all the way to food that you would find at the dining hall. So no matter what kind of food you are in the mood for, you are bound to find something there to suit your needs. The neat part about it all is that if you are a student at these games, the concession stand accepts meal plan point from your Q card account. That way, you can go to these games at no expense. If you are not a student and are just visiting the games purely for enjoyment, no need to worry. The food prices there will not break your wallet by any means.

3. FREE Stuff

Yeah that’s right, FREE stuff. Who does not enjoy free stuff? Now this isn’t just any free stuff, it is actually school shirts and other Quinnipiac Apparel. There are always loads of free contests to enter as you walk into the arena. It also does not always have to be free clothing, at a recent hockey game against a local College, the school began handing out free chick fil a sandwiches for the viewers to snack on. In another instance, the team held a contest where one lucky fan would be given a goalie hockey stick. There are loads of opportunities to get involved and feel like the Bobcat Family while at these hockey games.

4. Social Hot Spot

In the days leading up to each Hockey Game, the amount of excitement for them is simply unmeasurable. Everywhere you check, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, any social media platform. You will see the Hockey Game posted everywhere. It is truly remarkable how much the school gets involved and how the excitement electrifies every school. Not only will you see many pictures, but at the games themselves, everyone is simply more social than anywhere else on campus. While at these games you will make so many friends with people you would have never imagines you’d say a single word to.


5. Unforgettable Experiences

Have you ever been a game, any sports game, where it has been a tie score for the entire game but yet in the last few minutes, the underdog team scores that amazing goal to end it all. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well its memories like those that last with someone their entire lifetime. These memories are made in the Hockey Stadium on the York Hill campus. People walk in there just the same as everyone else and walk out with memories that they will never forget. The hockey stadium is the prime representation of Quinnipiac University. It represents the school pride and sportsmanship that the students and faculty honor here.

6. School Pride

If you were to look up the Quinnipiac Hockey Games, you are bound to find pictures of students just like you but with face paint painted across their faces, decked out in school apparel, and living the school spirit. The amount of school spirit found in that arena is absolutely unbelievable. Chants after chants with constant cheering is mesmerizing. By going to these games, you are given the opportunity to be a Bobcat. To be apart of the school spirit and support your school on the ice. There is no better feeling than being a part of such a lively crowd and being able to walk away from the experience knowing that you lived through the bobcat school spirit.

7. Support The Team

The Quinnipiac Hockey team is currently ranked in the top 20 hockey teams in the nation. Each year, multiple lucky and talented students are drafted to go and play in the major league and on the big stage for professional teams. But the players would not have gotten where they are without the support of their fans. Supporting the hockey team is honestly such a pleasure because not one are you aiding a fellow student in becoming the best athlete they can, but i bet it sure does feel great doing so! The hockey team is a backbone of the Quinnipiac Bobcat Community and they constantly raise money for the school through fundraisers and try to give back when they can. Why not give them something worth more than any money? Give them your support, the most valuable currency in the world.

8. Intensity of the games

If you have ever been to a hockey game before, you already know that hockey games can get pretty intense. If you have never been to a Hockey game, Quinnipiac University is the perfect place to start. Quinnipiac University’s hockey program is extremely competitive. This competitiveness usually results in extremely intense match ups. The tension can be felt through the air as the players shove each other against the fiber glass walls and making shots from across the rink. With each goal the entire fan section erupts in applause and excitement. Every second of the game will have you on the edge of your seat eagerly waiting for a goal to be scored. It doesn’t matter which team scores, just as long as a goal is scored with the roaring crowds following suit. Such intensity is very hard to beat anywhere else.

Final Word

All in all, hockey games are a blast for everyone. If you’re a huge fan or just a student who is interested in trying out the experience of a hockey game, you will always have a good time at the game. For students that attend Quinnipiac University, the games cost nothing and the free shuttle brings students to the arena. It will cost you close to nothing to attend. Try it one weekend and you will not regret it.

Axel Miazga

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