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All of the excitement and newness of college has suddenly worn off. You no longer want to go out every weekend or try new things. All of the parties you attended freshman year have been traded for endless nights of studying and papers. Welcome to the second year of college. You may be experiencing something called the sophomore slump. Don’t worry though, we are here to get you through this tough time. Here are some things you need to know about the sophomore slump and how to get out of it.

1.What is it?

The sophomore slump is a phenomenon most college students know a little bit too well. According to the University of Central Arkansas’ website, the sophomore slump can be defined as a “period of developmental confusion.” This is a time where students can face academic, social and personal challenges. The freshness of college social life have worn off and nothing seems quite as special.


2.It happens to everyone

It is important to remember that the above feelings are common and natural, and that you are not alone.  Practically everyone experiences this feeling of lack of motivation or drive at one point or another. Chances are, if you talk to any of your fellow classmates they will probably be able to relate.


3. Join a new club/team

Sophomore year is a busy time with harder classes, more assignments, and less free time. Despite all of these obstacles, it is so important to try something new and fresh. There are so many clubs that you can find through DoYOuQU, actually use it  (it is helpful). It can put you in contact with the head of club to find out more information. Find a new club that you might not have even thought about. Exploring a passion and socializing with others who share that same passion can help you feel positive and upbeat.


4. Explore local places in your college town

As a sophomore, you are now allowed to have a car. Take advantage of that. No more relying on shuttles for outings to New Haven or shopping in North Haven. You can go anywhere you want when you want to. Explore the town and neighboring cities that will become your home for the next few years.


5. Don’t be afraid to make changes

Change your friend group. Change your major. Change your goals. College is a time for experimentation and figure out who you really are. If you are struggling to make a decision, be brave. It is okay to change your mind. Embrace it.

Overall, sophomore year can be a time filled with many highs and lows. Take time for yourself and explore something new! Just remember, the sophomore slump happens to everyone and we will all get through this.



Rebecca Ferlazzo

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