Every university has their own quirks that bring students together. As a Quinnipiac student, you probably know many of these situations a little too well. Here are just a few of the many signs that you go to Quinnipiac.

1. The shuttles are your worst best friend

Whether you live on York or are trying to get practically anywhere, you know that the shuttles are not reliable. Picture this, there is a big hockey game and you are waiting on main campus to come up to the sports arena. You leave your dorm 20 minutes before the game thinking that’s plenty of time only to realize that there are at least 300 freshman and sophomores with the same goal as you. Finally a shuttle shows up, and it is a race because despite there being a big event on campus, there still are not enough shuttles running. You spend more time waiting outside in the freezing cold than you do on a shuttle. Oh how we love the shuttles here.


2. You didn’t know anything about hockey until you got here

Maybe your high school didn’t have a hockey team. Maybe you were never really interested in the sport. As soon as you got to QU, that all changed. You found yourself following the team and becoming addicted to the student energy that can be found in the TD arena. If anyone asks you about your school, you can throw out hockey stats like it’s nothing. The Yale game has been marked in your calendar since the schedule came out. Whether you realize it or not, you have become invested in the team.


3. You don’t walk on grass – ever

It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting your friends at another university or taking a stroll through a park, you never step foot on the grass. Ever since orientation it has been engraved in your brain to never walk across the grass and that rule applies everywhere else.


4. Saturday’s are for Toads

Whether you like Toads or not, most of your Saturdays are probably spent there. At the beginning of the semester you can pretty much guarantee that you will end up in New Haven waiting in line with hundreds of other students to enter Toads. After the first few times, you remember why you stopped going the semester before or you don’t and continue to go all semester; to each their own.


5. Qcash

On or off campus, Qcash is your life line. It’s used for printing, laundry, and many miscellaneous purchases. There’s nothing better than realizing Qcash is accepted at one of your favorite off campus spots like Acrop or Dominos. Qcash has become such a staple in your life that you find yourself joking if places back home take Qcash.


We all have our good and our bad days, but when it comes down to it you couldn’t imagine yourself at any other school. You are proud to say that Quinnipiac has become your home away from home and you wouldn’t want it any other way.



Rebecca Ferlazzo

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