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Although college may seem like one giant party, there are times when you actually have to do work. If hard classes and studying isn’t your thing, take it from real students who have been there on what classes to avoid throughout your years at QU. Here are 10 of the Hardest Classes at Quinnipiac University.

1. FYS – First Year Seminar

Do not be fooled. This seemingly easy Freshmen year course can be killer if you don’t have the right teacher. Taught by professors from varying departments that have no correlation to “developing the freshman experience,” the class honestly does not make any sense. I have completed the course and still could not explain to you the purpose.


2. Anything Math

Sorry to the 1% of math majors that exist in this world, but anything math is impossible. It doesn’t matter if you’re in MA 110 (Contemporary Mathematics) or one of the most difficult degrees of statistics, any combination of numbers is just asking to be forever confused.


3. CHE 210 – Organic Chemistry

Orgo, or the class that shall not be named, is every health science major’s nightmare. The course description states that the class requires studying principles, properties, reactions and methods in preparation of organic compounds correlated with reaction mechanisms, stereochemistry, conformational analysis, resonance, transition state theory and the nomenclature of organic compounds. If that didn’t already confuse you, I can’t imagine the class will be any clearer.


4. PA 512 – Human Anatomy

If flesh, intestines and gore isn’t your thing, I would not recommend taking anatomy.

This course covers dissection of the human body, with an emphasis placed on internal anatomy, designed for an eventual autopsy evisceration and subsequent dissection. If you can’t watch Dr. Schulman’s snapchat stories without flinching I don’t think you’ll be able to handle lab every week.


5. PT 505 – Kinesiology

Bone thugs in the house! Hannah Montana’s infamous bone dance song will really be helpful for this muscle/bone based course. This class introduces the basic principles of biomechanics with special emphasis on applications to upper extremity motion and reviewing Newtonian mechanics and physical principles in the analysis of motion at the shoulder, elbow and hand. With all these science terms, you might need to know a little more than just a catchy song to pass this class.


6. COM 201/ SB 112 – Career Planning & Development

A course specialized for communications and business majors, this class focuses on career development, AKA prepping for the real world. Creating cover letters, resumes, business cards and performing a mock interview in front of the entire class…sign me up!


7. Calc 3

If math wasn’t complicated enough, try a third level of Calculus. Triple the numbers, triple the equations and triple the stress. I don’t even think people that actually enjoy math would want to put themselves through this kind of hell.


8. JRN 106 – Multimedia Production Tech

Although it may seem like an ordinary journalism class, 106 requires a lot more physical labor than the just picking up the average pen/pencil. Talk about equipment on equipment on equipment. Try carrying a giant camera, tripod, go-kit (three-part lighting set) and an audio set back to your dorm from the farthest building on campus. I may be tiny, but I don’t think even a member of the rugby team could face that feat without some help.


9. Spanish

As if English wasn’t difficult enough to understand, learning a completely different language just adds on to the endless struggles you’ll face throughout college. Homework in another language, tests with grammar you don’t understand, and verbs that vary on the gender of the speaker, no thank you. Yo no hablo español.


10. AR 253- Studio Art: Sculpture

Yes, believe it or not, art. If you are not artistically gifted or the next Picasso this is not the course for you. In this class, students gain an understanding and appreciation of basic techniques and processes involved in creating sculpture and learn how a three-dimensional object impacts its environment. Basically, this means that you will need to become a creative architect with whatever materials you can find on campus. Building a sculpture from scratch out of cardboard is not exactly how I’d like to spend my free time.


College is hard. Don’t make it worse by taking classes that exist to make your life more difficult. Trust the experts, we know.


Jess Ruderman

Reigning from the suburbia of Monmouth County, New Jersey, Jess attends Quinnipiac University as a 3+1 Communications major with a focus in Journalism and a minor in Political Science. A food/coffee enthusiast and devoted Harry Potter fan, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of great authors in bringing a love of literature back to society.

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