Quinnipiac isn’t necessarily known as a “big music school” but that does not limit the amount of opportunities there are to pursue music. There are classes, clubs, performances and so much more that anyone with or without a musical background can get involved in. Here are some of the ways to get involved in music at Quinnipiac.

1. Quinnipiac voice and instrument groups

There are many different ensemble groups that you can join as a student in any major at Quinnipiac. Some of these include QU singers, jazz group, and orchestra. The benefit is that some of these groups are even offered as a class and you can get credit for them. They meet once a week and have one performance at the end of the semester. It’s a super easy and fun one credit filler. Even if you don’t have the room in your schedule, it is very easy to be involved in the groups. All you have to do is contact the professor and you should be allowed to participate.

2. Audition for a voice group

If you love to sing and want to find a new activity to fill your free time consider joining one of the voice groups on campus. Some of these groups include the Legends, an a capella group, and QU Note-ables, a student run choral group. Both of these groups perform at many events throughout the year. It is a great way to expand your music ability while making new friends along the way.

3. Take private lessons

Quinnipiac offers private lessons for pretty much any instrument. Some of the most popular lessons include guitar, piano, and voice. Again, private lessons are open to any student in any major, but they can be difficult to take. Generally, the music minors get priority over the other students for lessons, but it doesn’t hurt to at least try to get some free lessons from trained professionals.

4. Attend student performances

If you were that person who always supported your high school band and chorus in attending concerts because you genuinely loved listening to music, you still can at QU. The new music and theater complex on Sherman Ave is constantly holding events. Towards the end of the semester, there are a ton of free concerts and recitals that the whole school is welcome to attend. Get out there are enjoy some live music by your fellow classmates!

5. QU‘s got Talent

Did you know that those people who sing in the cafe while you’re grabbing your morning coffee or dinner get paid to perform? The café is always looking for new people to sign up and perform throughout the day. There are a ton of time slots that are guaranteed to fit into anyone’s busy schedule. If you are looking for a way to show off your musical talent and get paid a few bucks along the way, look into signing up for a few shifts!

At Quinnipiac, musical opportunities are all around you. There are so many different ways to get involved you just have to know where to look. Don’t be afraid to expand your musical horizons. There are so many great people just waiting to help you grow.

Rebecca Ferlazzo

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