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10 Hardest Classes at Riverside Community College

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Katelyn Heuer

Everyone knows college is hard. However, you can make it a little easier by avoiding hard and challenging classes. If you're not required to take these classes, avoid taking them to save your GPA. Keep reading this post to learn about some of the hardest classes at Riverside Community College.

1. AMY2B - Anatomy and Physiology II

Illustration of body's internal organs noting the different parts

This course is a continuation of Anatomy and Physiology I. Topics covered include the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, digestive, and reproductive organ systems. Also, if you don't like labs, definitely avoid this class - there are over 100 required lab hours!

2. ENE1B - Plane Surveying II

a diagram of different planes

This course focuses on adjustment techniques and error theory. Students will also survey traverses, topography, and triangulation. On the bright side, students will study and learn about problems that are actually encountered in practice.

3. LAT2 - Latin 2

 some Latin text on a stone tablet

Latin is a dead language for a reason-- because it's hard. Students will develop their Latin reading, writing, and pronunciation skills. The course focuses on vocabulary, morphology, syntax, translation, Latin culture, and Latin history.

4. PHY2B - General Physics II

physics equations on a chalk board

This physics class is required for biological science majors. Students will learn about thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, and optics. To make things worse, there are 54 lecture hours and 54 lab hours.

5. BAN52 - Consumer Leading

 a cartoon about consumerism

Consumer leading allows students to study the consumer leader process and its importance to banks and consumers. Those who take this class will explore closed end loans, indirect loans, credit products, and open-end credit products. This will allow students to analyze the loan application process, credit investigation, lender decision making, loan pricing and policy, and collection.

6. CHE1BH - Honors General Chemistry II

a cartoon of two scientists doing chemistry

Chemistry is universally known for being hard. This class continues where General Chemistry I leaves off; students will learn about kinetics, thermodynamics, acid-base theory, equilibrium, and electrochemistry. Other topics include inorganic, nuclear, and organic, chemistry.

7. CSC6 - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science

 a student looking confused with math equations in the background

This is a math course for computer science students, meaning that it combines two of the most difficult subjects. Students will learn about topics such as logic, proof techniques, sets, basic counting rules, relations, functions, and recursion. Not to mention there are 54 hours of lecture.

8. BIO7 - Marine Biology

A marine biologist studying in the ocean

Taking this class allows students to study marine environments. The course focuses on local marine algae, plants, and animals as well as how they interact with the environment. However, if you like taking field trips, this class is for you!

9. ENE10 - Introduction to Engineering

An engineer looking at blueprints in a construction site

This class introduces to both the career opportunities and skills that come along with being an engineer. Students will engage in different types of engineering communication including lab reports, graphs, and problem solving among others. The good news? There's a letter grade or pass/fail option for this class.

10. CIS11 - Computer Architecture and Organization: Assembly

A graphic depicting computer architecture

This class might be an introduction to microprocessor architecture and assembly language, but that doesn't mean that it's not hard. Students will learn about the relationship between hardware and software in order to understand how a program interacts with the system in general. Students will also learn about numerical computation to help them note the data representation errors and potential procedural errors.

Keep in mind that while school is supposed to be challenging, it doesn't need to be hard unless you make it so. By reading this post, you have already learned about classes that RCC students typically try to avoid. Unless you're required to take these classes or you're looking for a challenge, try to find other classes to take that interest you!


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