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10 Hardest Courses at Rochester Institute of Technology

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Kathrine Rose Quigao
18 Apr 2019
7 min read

Are you up to take the challenge of hardest courses at Rochester Institute of Technology? We all want to study easy courses and reach the top, but sometimes a little push can also be important. It helps us to try our own capability and determine if we can make it! If you want to get started and improve your skills, then you should check out the top 10 hardest courses at Rochester Institute of Technology.

1. ESCB-705-01 - Economics and Decision Modeling

Picture of world atlas on bar chart

This course focuses on the fundamental of the economic theories which requires a bigger outlook in the global environment. The Economics and Decision Modeling let you see the microeconomic theories and current events that explain the performance of the market system and help the manager formulate a more effective business decisions and pricing. It can be complicated and a little hard to understand.

2. ACCT-110-01 - Financial Accounting

picture of a bar chart and other finance charts

If you are not good in your finances and mathematics, then Financial Accounting can be a great challenge to you. It is an introduction on how corporates report their financial performance including investors and creditors. This course offers a coverage of the accounting cycle and about accounting principles and analytical tools needed.

3. CSEC-743-01 - Computer Viruses and Malicious Software

Picture of man touching lock

We all know how computer malware can be complicated, especially if it comes with malicious intent. With this course, you’ll be required to study the history of computer malware which includes computer viruses, worms, spyware and Trojan horses. This helps you to understand the defense and offense available and may be too technical for beginners.

4. CSCI-331-01 - Introduction to Intelligent Systems

picture of person using cellphone

Learn and have an introduction to all the algorithms and theories used in creating intelligent systems. The topics are wide range which includes logic, algorithms, planning, machine learning and more! Keep in mind the programming can be very important in this course and you'll need to learn how to do this well.

5. CYBER503x - Cyber Security Management

Picture of waves of cyber security.

Cybersecurity risk management is one of the hardest courses that let you deal with a growing number of IT decisions that might possibly have critical impact to the overall IT assessment, risk modeling and mitigation. If you won’t be able to learn this properly, then you are going to end up having problems on the whole IT system.

6. EEEE-709-02 - Advance Engineering Mathematics

Picture of circles and lines in space

Understand the foundation of the complex functions, advanced linear algebra and calculus with Advanced Engineering Mathematics. This is very hard because and may also require information about electrical engineering applications. 

7. BIOG-103-01 - Explorations in Cell Biology & Evolution Lab

Explorations in Cell Biology & Evolution Lab

Have a virtual laboratory work that complements explorations in cell biology and evolution. This designed and illustrate concepts of the basic cellular and molecular biology. If you are not into science and cells, then you would have a hard time understanding the concepts.

8. MATH-161-01 - Applied Calculus

Picture of pencil on top of math function graph

If you are not really into numbers and mathematics, then you’ll find it hard to understand Applied Calculus. It serves as an introduction to the study of the differential and integral calculus that includes the study of graphs, functions, continuity and limits. You should also be familiar with definite integral and fundamental theorem of calculus.

9. PSYC-221-01 - Abnormal Psychology

photo of Abnormal Psychology illustrated by person's profile shadow and different graphi designs coming out of it

Abnormal Psychology gives you an introduction to mental illness and psychopathology. It lets you examines the major categories that allows you to understand mental disorder and treatments. Not everyone would be able to understand the whole process and so many students find it hard.

10. ANTH-330-01 - Cultural Images of War and Terror

Cultural Images of War and Terror

For someone who is not comfortable in seeing visual culture of war and terror, then this is not for you. This course gives an overview on the violence that are endlessly transmitted on television, in print media, internet, cinema and even in recreational games and understand visual culture.


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