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10 Coolest Courses at Rochester Institute of Technology

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Lauraanna Quinting
22 Jul 2019
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Rochester Institute of Technology is a private doctoral university within the town of Henrietta in the Rochester, New York metropolitan area. The school has an acceptance rate of 55%. The school has around 13,000 students. Here are 10 cool courses to take at Rochester Institute of Technology.

1. FOOD 251 - Commodity Market Analysis

man holding calculator near food

If you are looking to understand the industry that is food, then this course is a class that is cool as it looks at food as a commodity. This means that as a student you will analyze the buying patterns for food in different markets, as well as different foods, fare when it comes to trading power as well.

2. ACCT 210 - Cost Accounting

a person crunching numbers using a calculator

Cost accounting is a fun course that allows students who are going into accounting or any form of business to get an idea of how pricing and allocation goes. This, in turn, means that you would have value-based numbers as well as a fixed rate. Value-based is numbers that change over time such as the value of a company car, the fixed rate being a $5 credit card fee.

3. ACCT 510 - Internal Auditing

Cartoon of computer and magnifying glass with internal audit on it

Internal auditing is a very useful course to take as it will affect almost any business that exists if they aren't in the know of what they are doing wrong. If a business or a person gets audited it is better to be internally audited as the issue can be fixed before it becomes an external problem. Auditing is basically looking into the accounting changes more closely to make sure everything conducted is within the business and legal procedure.

4. MATH 190 - Discrete Mathematics for Computing

a net of numbers connected to eachother

Discrete math for computing is a cool course to take as it gives you the direct relation of the math you have been taught over the years, and how it relates to computers. Discrete math uses real-world examples such as variables for probability to give students a good idea on what they need to input into the computer. Once you learn to look at your math in variables, then telling a computer demands is a smoother transition.

5. MATH 401 - Stochastic Processes

 random red and blue occurances

If you are looking for a math class that is different from your typical, then this is the one for you. It is based around the theory of probability, that you are looking at a random process. The random process was then created by random variables. Such a real-world example of this is configuring the probability of you going into a doctors office, having patients come in randomly(as in you wouldn't know the time) and trying to configure how long of a wait it would be for you to be helped.

6. COMM 274 - News Editing

 woman making a live news report

News editing is a course that is not only fun to take but also very hands-on. When you are thinking about the news, and how you or another person carries out speech, news editing is a different type of speech in general. When editing one must be mindful you tell the details but in a concise and professional manner.

7. COMM 253 - Communication

a child communicating in letters out of mouth

Communication is a course that in any path or major that you would go into, uses information that will help. To be a good communicator is able to help have others understand in a clear way, as well as diffuse any arguments. Communication is a great course to take if you are looking to improve your speech with others.

8. NAIS 160 - Web Design I

person on a computer making changes to a site

This intro course will give students a good idea if computer science and any job in the field is truly a good fit. In web design, if something is crashing the web designer would look into creating a website that creates the changes or assigns jobs to improve the accessibility. Web design is harder to learn but very much worth it.

9. WGST 451 - Economics of Women and the Family

large city with woman in business suit

This course is a cool course to take as women and gender studies, in general, is a very recent topic in schools. This particular subject goes over the historical battle of women in the family dynamic. It also goes over the costs associated with mothering as well as being a female in general.

10. WGST 250 - Domestic Violence

a man striking a woman

Domestic Violence is a serious issue that is usually around the community of females as they (in many cases) are the ones that are the victim. The course goes over past examples of domestic violence and analyzes how the government settles the matter. It is an interesting class and avoids being confused about what does and does not count.

Rochester Institute of Technology is a great school to go to that is around medium size. The amount of students isn't too overwhelming, but there is still plenty of potential new friends and acquaintances to meet. The school features varied courses and majors to accommodate any and most career-driven needs.


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