Rowan University

Rowan University is a public research university which which is located in Glassboro, New Jersey, United States. It was established back in the year 1923. Different courses are offered in this university, top 10 hardest courses includes:

1. MILS 01420 – Military Science IV

All the theories, definitions, measurements, and explanations of a crime

It is not a simple course in that every student in it is required to achieve a B minimum. A lot of time is spent examining and evaluating aspects that are entailed in the military, such as military law and principles of war.

2. ACC 03326 – Cost Accounting

calculations, balancing of sheets, formulae, and dealing with an advanced level of mathematics.

The difficulty that faces many students in cost accounting comes in by having to deal with all sorts of calculations, balancing sheets, formulae, and dealing with an advanced level of mathematics. Applications include cash flow analysis, cost system designs, planning and controlling business operations, and decision making.

3. MIS 02338 – Design Of Database Systems

databases as their projects which demonstrate they have understood the lectures

Do you love to spend time working on a single repetitive task? If your answer is “No”, then you should just opt for another course. Students have to come up with databases as their projects which demonstrate they have understood the lectures.

4. SPAN 05300 – Spanish Phonetics

spend several hours each day trying to learn spanish

If you are fond of learning new languages, then enroll for this course. If not, you will have a hard time trying to grasp and speak fluently in this language. Students are forced to spent long hours practicing on how to speak fluently in Spanish which is somehow monotonous and tedious.

5. REL 10210 – Religion in America [G, D]

learning the history of religion in the country.

Many of the students in the country will frankly tell you that they are not fans of any religion. The idea of not having the slightest idea about any particular religion in general always possess a challenge when it comes to learning the history of religion in the country.

6. MIS 02526 – Project Management

how to work out a Project Management Body of Knowledge

Students will have to spend most of their time learning on how to work out a Project Management Body of Knowledge. They are challenged by the need to fully understand all the facets of any given project management and creating a perfect management project of their own.

7. STAT 02361 – Mathematical Statistics

area covered include algebra, probability, statistics, and calculus

You will be faced by challenges such as regression, non-parametric methods, correlations, t-chi, on top of so much more are entailed in this unit at a more advanced level! The mathematics in this course creates all the problems on top of not being that favorite course for many.

8. LAWJ 05399 – Crime Prevention Analysis

Criminal Networks and Organized Crimes

The hard part of this course is that all students have to fully understand all what is entailed in the course and be perfect. They have to study vast volumes of past cases in order to equip themselves with the appropriate tools for analyzing crime patterns.

9. GEOG 16130 – Earth Sciences Lab I

Human life is a precious thing which cannot be gamble with

Are you fond of handling laboratory equipment while learning? If your answer is “Yes”, then you will find a comfortable place in this class. Students will spend most of their class time in the labs analyzing the different earth samples such as soil to get results. The scientific terms used tend to make the course complicated.

10. INAR 06200 – Basic Nutrition

eat, how, how much, and from which cultures around the world.

Different people who suffer from diverse health conditions will be required to dwell on certain forms of nutrition while staying away from others. Just like in medicine there is no second guessing you have to get the facts right. This means you have to study widely in order to pass and be certified as a nutritionist.

Juliet Nduku

My name is Juliet I major in Accounting.

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