Rowan university best courses

Rowan University attracts students from across the world. Students at Rowan can take a variety of courses during their time at college. Some of the courses are hard while others are easier. Here is a list of some of the best-rated courses at Rowan University by former students:

PSY 01316 – Behavioral Assessment and Measurement

Get the PSY 01316 final exam study guide

BIOL 0104 – Biology 1

Get the BIO 0104 final exam study guide

REL 10200 – Religions of the World

Get the REL 10200 final exam study guide

ACC 03210 – Principles of Accounting I

Get the ACC 03210 final exam study guide.

PSY 01106- Psychology of Scientific Thinking

Get the PSY 01106 final exam study guide

STAT 02100 – Elementary Statistics 

Get the STAT 02100 final exam study guide

ASTR 11120 – Introduction to Astronomy

Get the ASTR 11120 final exam study guide

FIN 04300 – Principles of Finance

Get the FIN 04300 final exam study guide

GEOG 06100 – Introduction to Geography and Earth Studies

Get the GEOG 06100 notes and study guides


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