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Top 10 Sports Teams at Rutgers University

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Destiny Summers
17 Feb 2020
8 min read

There are a number of sports and activities for students to choose from at school. College is also a time for students to explore different things and to learn about themselves. Participating in sports can also build character and teamwork skills, which are essential in the real world. Below are the top ten sports teams that students can find at Rutgers University.

1. Baseball Team

A look at the entire baseball team in a photo

The baseball team was founded in 1870 and is now coached by Steve Owens. This team plays in the Big Ten Conference on the Division I level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This team holds a recruitment process as well as a walk-on tryout in which students can show off their skills each fall. Students will need batting equipment and any gear they need to bring to the tryouts.

2. Men's and Women's Basketball Team

A look a the 2019-20 men's basketball team

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights men's and women's basketball represent the school in the Division I Big Ten conference of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. These teams are coached by C. Vivian Stringer and Steven Pikiell. Students who are looking to be a part of this team can go through the recruitment process starting as early as your sophomore year of high school. You need to reach out to your current basketball coach or the Athletic Office for Rutgers.

3. Women's Gymnastics Team

Team photo of the women's gymnastics team

The gymnastics team is coached by Umme Salim-Beasley. This team meets on a weekly basis where they practice stunts and routines for upcoming meets and competitions. This team represents the Knights on a local, regional, national, and international level. Students who are looking to become a gymnast should reach out to the Athletic Office for more information on the recruitment process. Of course, you will need the skill set of a gymnast such as beam-walking, tucks, and running flips.

4. Softball Team

A look a the softball team

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights' softball team competes in the NCAA Division I college softball at the Big Ten Conference. They are coached by Kristen Butler. This team regularly plays at the Rutgers Softball Complex which is also where walk-on tryouts are held each fall. Students wishing to be a part of this team need to know how to bat, throw the ball, and run.

5. Field Hockey Team

A look a the field hockey team

The women's field hockey team represents the Knights in the intercollegiate Big Ten Conference. They were first founded in 1974 and are now coached by Meredith Civico. Students who are wishing to be a part of this team are generally recruited throughout high school if they already play on a team or if they reach out to the coaches themselves. Students should know the basics of field hockey before considering joining the team.

6. Swimming and Diving

Terka Grusova, a member of the Rutgers swim team

Rutgers swimming and diving has released its 2019-20 competition schedule with five dual meets, a pair of home invitationals and multiple long-course events to prepare the Scarlet Knights for 2020 Summer Olympic qualifications, along with the perennial Big Ten and NCAA Championships. Students who participate in this team will also get a chance to compete at the Summer Olympics.

7. Track and Field Team

The Rutgers track and field team members running

The Rutgers Track and Field Team is one of the most decorated track and field teams in the nation. This team is coached by Mike Mulqueen. Students compete in regional and national meets. If you are looking to be a part of this team, there is a recruitment process where you can show off your running skills to the coaches. You can also participate in the open tryouts that are held each fall. Students will need good stamina in order to run distances as well.

8. Cheerleading Team

The cheer team at a game

The cheer team at Rutgers represents the Knights in the D1A All-Girl Division at the UCA & UDA National College Cheerleading and Dance Team Championship competitions. This team is coached by Mike Stickle and Christine Zoffinger. Students who want to try out can do so every spring in April. Students should know how to do a tuck, front and backflip, running flips, and other skills. This team is always looking for main bases, side bases, back spots, and more for competitions and cheering at games.

9. Rowing Team

The team photo for the rowing team

The Rowing Team at Rutgers competes in the Divison I NCAA at the Big Ten Conference. Students who are looking to join do not need any previous experience, but you will need to learn to swim. Students can try out for the team and gain more information during the walk-on tryouts that are held in the fall. Students generally need to be 5'8 or taller, have an athletic background, and a desire to win. This team is coached by Justin Price.

10. Football Team

The football team  running out to the field before a game

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights' football team competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA. This team is coached by Greg Schiano. Students who are looking to be a part of this team are encouraged to have a sports background and/ or previous football experience. Students are generally recruited or can be recruited as a walk-on athlete during the fall. To be considered, you must have good stamina and good throwing and catching skills.

As you can see, there are a number of sports teams to choose from at Rutgers. Students must have the desire to be competitive and to develop as both a player and a student.Students have the opportunity to join any of these and to contact the Athletic Office in regard to the recruitment processes as well.


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