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Math Courses at Rutgers

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Drew Pierce
19 Jun 2020
7 min read

A very popular subject in college is mathematics. Everything from algebra to statistics and everything in between is covered at Rutgers. Many graduates from the math department start careers in teaching and accounting. Rutgers is also home to many famous alumni like James Gandolfini, Milton Friedman and Natalie Morales. If you choose to take courses in math, you can become a teacher, scientist, accountant and more. Here are 10 math classes at Rutgers that you can consider !

1 50:640:041 Elementary Algebra

algebraic equation

The most basic math class offered is Elementary Algebra. This is a class designed mostly for non-majors and those who have a beginner level of understanding math . It ensures that you will have a concrete foundation of arithmetic, systems of linear equations and more. James Amodio and Arun Mukheriee are the professors for this course.

2. 50:640:110 Joy of Math

quantitative example problem

An interesting course offered at Rutgers is the Joy of Math. This is fun course that focuses on how math is used in everyday life. This also satisfies a Gen Ed requirement for Logic and Quantitative Reasoning. This will be one of the more enjoyable and hands-on math classes you can take. The three professors of this class are Emily Sergel, Sacha Forgoston and Cynthia Roemer

3. 50:960:183 Elementary Applied Statistics

stats graphic

Similarly to Elementary Algebra, Elementary Applied Statistics is an introductory course. However, this is specifically focused on statistics. With this class, you can get your foot into the world of accounting and other number-based paths. What makes this class different from other statistics courses is how it can be applied to many different avenues for people with different skillsets. The professor for this course is Mariya Naumova.

4. 50:640:356 Theory of Numbers

numbers from 0 to 9

A very interesting class is the Theory of Numbers. This is a course that combines mathematics and philosophy. Although you do need special permission to enter the class, you will learn about the properties of numbers, fractions, and more. This will give you a good view on the theoretical side of math. Saurabh Gozavi and George Hauser are the professors of this class.

5. 50:640:250 Introduction to Linear Algebra

multiple graphs and equations in algebra

Linear Algebra is a study of functions, matrices, and determinants. In Introduction to Linear Algebra, you will learn about all of these subjects and you will be set up for future classes in this lane. You can also satisfy a math gen. ed. requirement after passing this class. A couple of the professors of this class include Victoria Chayes and John Kerrigan.

6. 50:640:121 Calculus I

calculus graphic

If you are interested in calculus, this course is the introductory step to other advanced levels of calculus. You will learn about basic integral functions, infinite series, and more. As one of the biggest legs of math, learning calculus will help you in a multitude of areas down the line. Some of the professors for this class include Guy Reynolds, Melissa Lieberman and more.

7. 50:640:118 Calculus for Business and Economics

person working on a laptop with graphs and charts

One of the more realistic and useful class is Calculus for Business and Economics. This is a course with practical applications that will teach you about accounting, math functions, and so much more. Whether you are a math major, business major, or in another related field, this will help you develop as a professional. Some of the professors include David Scheiman and Arminda Wey.

8. 50:960:283 Introduction to Statistics I

bar chart with upward trend

One of the most common math avenues that are used in the real world is statistics. That being said, you should take Introduction to Statistics I to learn about probability, variables and intervals. With credit in this class, you will start your path through accounting or a related field. However, it will be one of the more difficult starting-level courses and will require some prior knowledge. Mariya Naumova is the main professor for this course.

9. 50:960:491 Time Series and Forecasting

many dice

If you want to know about time and series analytics, Time Series and Forecasting is for you. You'll learn about tests of randomness, forecasting, estimation and more. With experience in this class, you will be able to move up the ranks and satisfy math requirements down the line. As of now, the professor for this course is Michael Weingart.

10. 50:960:476 Introduction to Sampling

a graphic of a person holding on an iPad with survey

Yet another useful subject in the real world is sampling and data research. Introduction to Sampling will show you various mathematical subjects within economics. For example, you will learn about large-scale surveys, accounting and auditing. This will absolutely carry with you into the labor force. A couple of the professors for this course are George Hauser and Saurabh Gosavi.

All of these classes within the math department are aimed to prepare students for success in the future. With that being said, be sure to see which of these classes will best suit you.


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