There are many problems an international student faces while studying abroad. International students relate with other international students on an emotional level because each of them understand what they are going through. The most common ones are mentioned below:

1. Food

 Every student surely experiences this situation in which they miss their hometown food or their mother’s food. Even though Rutgers may have different cultural dishes served at various restaurant, the taste of food from your country in Rutgers is never the same.


2.  Family & Homesick

People who are close to their family tend to feel homesick the first few months, weeks or days. Thanks to modern technology, students can communicate with their loved ones via Skype or other applications. However, students cannot see them face to face or give them a long hug. Sometimes, students get too busy with their work that they do not have time to call. Their friends can go home on thanksgiving while some international students cannot go back to their countries due to high airplane fares. Also, whenever students try to call their parents, most of the times, their parents are asleep due to different time zones. Students studying abroad experience a variety of cultures but not their own. When a person studies abroad, he or she experiences different cultures and values which may make him or her miss their parents, friends, and his or her cultures.


3. Culture

Students often go through a culture shock because the American culture is so different from their own culture. Sometimes when international students talk to non-international students, they are unable to comprehend a term but play it cool as if they knew it.


4. Communication

People who come from different countries such as China, India, Europe, etc. tend to have different accents. Hearing an American accent and different pronunciation of words can make communication with others somewhat difficult. Sometimes, international students want to make friends so bad with a hot and cute student but they are unable to understand what the other student is speaking about.


5. Filling out many forms such as insurance, taxes, social security 

Whenever a student moves abroad to study, he or she always has to fill out so many paper forms, go through the embassy in their country in order to immigrate to the U.S., immigration documents, and get social security numbers from the office in the U.S. The whole process can be very stressful. In addition, whenever students go out to different places, they are never sure on which ID to show to others.

6. Different curriculum and grading

Learning how to write English essays may be very different from writing essays in the U.S. For instance, writing English essays in a different country such as Dubai, never required much creativity and always required examples and reasoning based on a literature book that students read. However, in the U.S, writing essays involves an in-depth analysis with their own thoughts and creativity.


Although there are many problems that international students face, the problems mentioned above are the ones that students face commonly or more frequently. Being an international student is not so bad since students get to experience new things which opens their minds to new cultures and expand their knowledge. In addition, students have the chance to explore new places and enjoy the food that the country provides. Most importantly, students learn to become independent.


Ann Philips

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