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Ryerson University students look for old exams and midterms to practice for their upcoming tests every year. This list includes class notes, study guides, past exams and solutions at Ryerson.

We recommend adding in your midterm and exam dates to your calendar so that you don’t forget them.

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Please note that this collection is currently not comprehensive or complete. Old midterms and exams should be used as study aids only and may not reflect changes in course content from year to year.

Course CodeCourse Name at RyersonPast Midterms and Exams
ACC 100Introductory Financial AccountingView Now
ACC 406Introductory Management AccountingView Now
ACS 210Ideas that Shape the World: AntiquityView Now
AFA 100Introductory Financial AccountingView Now
BCH 463Advanced Biochemistry IIView Now
BLG 143Biology IView Now
BLG 181Biology of a Living CityView Now
BME 700 Past ExamsBiomedical Engineering Capstone DesignView Now
CEN 100 Past ExamsIntroduction to EngineeringView Now
CHY 102 Past ExamsGeneral ChemistryView Now
CHY 103General Chemistry IView Now
CHY 183Introduction to Forensic SciencesView Now
COE 318 Past ExamsSoftware SystemsView Now
COE 328 Past ExamsDigital SystemsView Now
COE 428 Past ExamsEng Algorithms and Data StructuresView Now
COE 608 Past ExamsCompOrganization and ArchitectureView Now
COE 628 Past ExamsOperating SystemsView Now
COE 700 Past ExamsEngineering DesignView Now
COE 718 Past ExamsEmbedded Systems DesignView Now
COE 758 Past ExamsDigital Systems EngineeringView Now
COE 768 Past ExamsComputer NetworksView Now
COE 818 Past ExamsAdvanced Computer ArchitectureView Now
CPS 109 Past ExamsComputer Science IView Now
CPS 125 Past ExamsDigital Computation and ProgrammingView Now
CPS 420 Past ExamsDiscrete StructuresView Now
CPS 616 Past ExamsAlgorithmsView Now
CRB 100Introduction to the CaribbeanView Now
CRI 200IP Issues in the Digital AgeView Now
CRM 101Understanding Crime in Canadian SocietyView Now
ECN 104 Past ExamsIntroductory MicroeconomicsView Now
ECN 204 Past ExamsIntroductory MacroeconomicsView Now
ECN 801 Past ExamsPrinciples of Engineering EconomicsView Now
EES 508 Past ExamsDigital SystemsView Now
EES 512 Past ExamsElectric CircuitsView Now
EES 604 Past ExamsElectronics and SensorsView Now
EES 612 Past ExamsElectric Machines and ActuatorsView Now
ELE 202 Past ExamsElectric Circuit AnalysisView Now
ELE 302 Past ExamsElectric NetworksView Now
ELE 401 Past ExamsField TheoryView Now
ELE 404 Past ExamsElectronic Circuits IView Now
ELE 504 Past ExamsElectronic Circuits IIView Now
ELE 531 Past ExamsElectromagneticsView Now
ELE 632 Past ExamsSignals and Systems IIView Now
ELE 639 Past ExamsControl SystemsView Now
ELE 714 Past ExamsSystem Testing and Design-for-TestabilityView Now
ELE 725 Past ExamsBasics of Multimedia SystemsView Now
ELE 734 Past ExamsLow Power Digital Integrated CircuitsView Now
ELE 745 Past ExamsDigital Communication SystemsView Now
ELE 754 Past ExamsPower ElectronicsView Now
ELE 792 Past ExamsDigital Signal ProcessingView Now
ELE 804 Past ExamsRadio-Frequency Circuits and SystemsView Now
ELE 806 Past ExamsAlternative Energy SystemsView Now
ELE 809 Past ExamsDigital Control System DesignView Now
ELE 846 Past ExamsPower Systems Protection and ControlView Now
ELE 863 Past ExamsVLSI Circuits for Data CommunicationsView Now
ELE 882 Past ExamsIntro to Digital Image ProcessingView Now
ELE 885 Past ExamsOptical Communication SystemsView Now
ENH 122Introduction to EpidemiologyView Now
FIN 401Managerial Finance IIView Now
FIN 621International FinanceView Now
FNN 201Nutrition Through the LifespanView Now
FNS 200Quantity Food ManagementView Now
FSN 223Fashion Concepts and TheoryView Now
GEO 509Food, Place and IdentityView Now
GEO 793The Geography of TorontoView Now
ITM 102Business Information Systems IView Now
LAW 122Business LawView Now
LAW 603Advanced Business LawView Now
LAW 703Real Estate LawView Now
LAW 724Legal Aspects of International BusinessView Now
MEC 511 Past ExamsThermodynamics and FluidsView Now
MEC 721VibrationsView Now
MKT 100Principles of MarketingView Now
MKT 500Marketing ResearchView Now
MKT 504Effective PersuasionView Now
MKT 510Innovations in MarketingView Now
MTH 108 Past ExamsLinear AlgebraView Now
MTH 110 Past ExamsDiscrete Mathematics IView Now
MTH 131Modern Mathematics IView Now
MTH 140 Past ExamsCalculus IView Now
MTH 141 Past ExamsLinear AlgebraView Now
MTH 207 Past ExamsCalculus and Computational Methods IView Now
MTH 210 Past ExamsDiscrete Mathematics IIView Now
MTH 240 Past ExamsCalculus IIView Now
MTH 312 Past ExamsDifferential Equations and Vector CalcView Now
MTH 314 Past ExamsDiscrete Mathematics for EngineersView Now
MTH 514 Past ExamsProbability and Stochastic ProcessesView Now
MUS 201Introduction to Classical MusicView Now
NSE 112Social, Political and Economic PerspectivesView Now
PCS 125 Past ExamsPhysics: Waves and FieldsView Now
PCS 211 Past ExamsPhysics: MechanicsView Now
PCS 224 Past ExamsSolid State PhysicsView Now
PHL 612Philosophy of LawView Now
PHL 710Philosophy and FilmView Now
PLG 610Planning Law IIView Now
PLG 800Planning Practice and EthicsView Now
POL 128Politics and FilmView Now
PSY 102Introduction to Psychology IView Now
PSY 105Perspectives in PsychologyView Now
PSY 202Introduction to Psychology IIView Now
PSY 300Psychology and LawView Now
PSY 302Child DevelopmentView Now
PSY 325Psychological DisordersView Now
PSY 805Adjustment, Stress and CopingView Now
QMS 102 Past ExamsBusiness Statistics IView Now
QMS 202 Past ExamsBusiness Statistics IIView Now
QMS 230Statistics for Accounting and FinanceView Now
SOC 103How Society WorksView Now
SOC 202Popular CultureView Now
SOC 505Sociology of SportView Now
SOC 608Women, Power and ChangeView Now
SOC 808Sociology of Food and EatingView Now
SOC 885Women and IslamView Now

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