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If you’re going into a final exam and worried about what could happen, our Ryerson GPA calculator will help you do the following:

Calculate your semester, annual and cumulative GPA
Calculate what final exam mark you need to get a certain course grade
Calculate what your final grade will be if you get a certain final exam mark
Calculate your current grade for a specific course
Ryerson gpa scale calculator button

How to Use the Ryerson GPA Scale Calculator

Make your own copy

The first step is to make your own copy.

Click below to access the Ryerson GPA calculator/final grade calculator:

Ryerson gpa scale calculator button

On your computer: In the top left corner, click File > Make a copy.

On your phone: In the top right corner, tap the three dots > Share & export > Make a copy.

Now you have your very own, shiny Ryerson GPA calculator.

A couple quick notes:

1. If you’re on your phone, we recommend downloading the google sheets app to access the Ryerson GPA calculator. It’s free and is easier to use the Ryerson GPA calculator this way.

Android: Google Sheets

iPhone: Google Sheets

2. We have FREE Ryerson Past exams and study guides to help you reach your grade and GPA goals. Check it out!

blue cell with red borders are the only cells needed to be filled in for the final grade calculator

*As a quick and general rule of thumb, you only need to fill in the blue boxes with red borders. Everything else will be automatically calculated and filled in for you!

What is my GPA?

The first tab (Ryerson GPA calculator) is where you can calculate your semester GPA (SGPA), your annual GPA (AGPA), and your cumulative GPA (CGPA).

Ryerson gpa calculator for fall and winter semesters, annual gpa, and cumulative gpa.

Add more courses as you wish!

Enter your current CGPA and the credits you earned so far.

Then enter the courses you’ve taken and what your grade was for each. You can also enter what you expect to get in your current courses and see what GPA you’ll end up with.

If you need to convert a 4.0 scale to a letter grade or vice versa, you have the Ryerson grading scale and GPA scale and its conversions just to the right.

Ryerson gpa and grading scale that shows conversions between letter grades and a 4.0 scale.

Conversions are tricky but here’s the Ryerson Grading Scale conversion.

Scroll down and you’ll see your GPA calculations for the semester, for the year, and cumulatively with some additional encouragement!

Ryerson gpa scale calculator results

This will help you keep track of your GPA and grade goals.

What do I need on my Final Exam to get my desired grade?

In the second tab (Ryerson Specific Course Grade), fill in the course you want to calculate your final grade for.

cell to enter course code to specify which course you're looking at when calculating your final grade

For example, you can enter ECON 1000, MATH100 etc.

Next, fill in your current grade, desired grade, and final exam weight to calculate what you need on your final exam to get your desired grade.

the numbers you need to enter to figure out what you need on your final exam to get a certain desired grade on your course.

You just need to enter the whole number, it will convert to percentages automatically.

If you don’t know your current grade, just go to the next tab “Ryerson Assignments and Deliverables” at the bottom of the screen.

weight and grades needed for assignments and deliverables to calculate current grade for that course

If you have more than 10 assignments and deliverables, just group a couple of them together in the same cell.

Just fill in the assignments, midterms, and presentations you’ve done and record how much each was worth and what your mark was.

Copy and paste that current grade into the first tab and now you’ll see this.

the results shown after the user enters their desired grade, their current grade, and their final exam weight. Shows what is needed on the final exam to get a 70% in the course, motivational statement, lowest and highest possible grades, and a graph showing more possible scenarios.

The graph will change based on what your desired course grade is, so you can play around with the numbers you entered to see more scenarios!

The final grade calculator will show you what you need on your final to get a 70% in your course, the lowest and highest possible grade, a handy graph to show other possible scenarios, and some motivation to achieve your desired grade.

What will my Final Grade be if I get a certain Final Exam Mark?

Similar to calculating what you need on your final exam to get a certain grade, start by entering your current grade and final exam weight.

The difference here is that you enter your expected final exam grade rather than your desired course grade.

the numbers you need to enter to figure out what will happen to your final course grade if you get a certain final exam mark.

If you don’t know your current grade, follow the instructions in step 2 to calculate it.

Scroll down and the grade calculator will get you your results!

results from the final grade calculator that shows that if you get 50% on the final exam, the final course grade will be 70%. Shows motivational quotes, lowest and highest possible grades, and a graph to show more possible grade scenarios

This section will show what will happen to your course grade if you get a certain mark on the final exam.

Voila! Now that you’ve crunched some numbers, you know four things:

1. What you need on your final exam to get a certain grade.

2. What happens to your final grade if you get a certain final exam mark.

3. Your semester GPA (SGPA), annual GPA (AGPA), and cumulative GPA (CGPA)

4. The next time you think “I need to calculate my grade so far before my final”, you can just open up your phone and see what you need on your final quickly and easily.

All that’s left to do now is study.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to cover the material you need so you can ace that final exam!

To help you reach the final exam mark and course grade you’re aiming for, we can help with that too:

Homework Help: If you’re stuck on a question, ask it here and an expert tutor will answer it for you. The best part? It’s FREE!

Study Material: Check out the courses below for Ryerson Past Exams, Study Guides, Textbook Notes, Class Notes for FREE.

Ryerson University Study Material

Ryerson Course CodePast Exams and Study Guides
ACC 100View Now
ACC 406View Now
ACS 210View Now
AFA 100View Now
BCH 463View Now
BLG 143View Now
BLG 181View Now
BME 700 Past ExamsView Now
CEN 100 Past ExamsView Now
CHY 102 Past ExamsView Now
CHY 103View Now
CHY 183View Now
COE 318 Past ExamsView Now
COE 328 Past ExamsView Now
COE 428 Past ExamsView Now
COE 608 Past ExamsView Now
COE 628 Past ExamsView Now
COE 700 Past ExamsView Now
COE 718 Past ExamsView Now
COE 758 Past ExamsView Now
COE 768 Past ExamsView Now
COE 818 Past ExamsView Now
CPS 109 Past ExamsView Now
CPS 125 Past ExamsView Now
CPS 420 Past ExamsView Now
CPS 616 Past ExamsView Now
CRB 100View Now
CRI 200View Now
CRM 101View Now
ECN 104 Past ExamsView Now
ECN 204 Past ExamsView Now
ECN 801 Past ExamsView Now
EES 508 Past ExamsView Now
EES 512 Past ExamsView Now
EES 604 Past ExamsView Now
EES 612 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 202 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 302 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 401 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 404 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 504 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 531 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 632 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 639 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 714 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 725 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 734 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 745 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 754 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 792 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 804 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 806 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 809 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 846 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 863 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 882 Past ExamsView Now
ELE 885 Past ExamsView Now
ENH 122View Now
FIN 401View Now
FIN 621View Now
FNN 201View Now
FNS 200View Now
FSN 223View Now
GEO 509View Now
GEO 793View Now
ITM 102View Now
LAW 122View Now
LAW 603View Now
LAW 703View Now
LAW 724View Now
MEC 511 Past ExamsView Now
MEC 721View Now
MKT 100View Now
MKT 500View Now
MKT 504View Now
MKT 510View Now
MTH 108 Past ExamsView Now
MTH 110 Past ExamsView Now
MTH 131View Now
MTH 140 Past ExamsView Now
MTH 141 Past ExamsView Now
MTH 207 Past ExamsView Now
MTH 210 Past ExamsView Now
MTH 240 Past ExamsView Now
MTH 312 Past ExamsView Now
MTH 314 Past ExamsView Now
MTH 514 Past ExamsView Now
MUS 201View Now
NSE 112View Now
PCS 125 Past ExamsView Now
PCS 211 Past ExamsView Now
PCS 224 Past ExamsView Now
PHL 612View Now
PHL 710View Now
PLG 610View Now
PLG 800View Now
POL 128View Now
PSY 102View Now
PSY 105View Now
PSY 202View Now
PSY 300View Now
PSY 302View Now
PSY 325View Now
PSY 805View Now
QMS 102 Past ExamsView Now
QMS 202 Past ExamsView Now
QMS 230View Now
SOC 103View Now
SOC 202View Now
SOC 505View Now
SOC 608View Now
SOC 808View Now
SOC 885View Now

There are final exam calculators and gpa calculators out there such as rogerhub and ben eggleston, but none that checks all of the following boxes:

Calculates what final exam mark you need to get a certain course grade
Calculates what your final grade will be if you get a certain final exam mark

Calculates your semester, annual and cumulative GPA
Available offline (no internet connection needed)
Displays graphs to show all possible grade scenarios
Calculates your current grade for a specific course
Mobile-friendly (download google sheets app)
Looks great

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