1. The Hippie.

Out of all the types of Profs at Ryerson, you will probably be able to relate to this one the best, primarily due to the likelihood that they’re down with our generation’s lingo (or at least try) and they’ve probably dabbled in a soft drug of some sort during their time at university. This is not to say that they’re not good profs or don’t take their jobs seriously. The hippie Profs can be some of the most dedicated ones on campus. They are extremely passionate about their field of study, and the eccentric quirks and analogies they pepper into their lectures will help you more than you think when it comes time to recall an entire semester’s-worth of information for the final.


2. The Radical Revolutionary

Some say they’re washed up Soviet-era spies working to dismantle our cherished democratic values. Others tout them as social justice warriors fighting the good fight for mankind. However you view them, the radical professors can usually be found lurking in the Social Sciences department. For students in these faculties, they may become regular faces on campus, but for those in the more STEM-oriented faculties, encounters with them will probably be more one-off. For those who may still be chained up in the depths of Plato’s proverbial “cave,” you just might have your mind blown. At the same time however, ideological disagreements between students and the prof tend to create tension. Those who don’t subscribe to the prof’s viewpoints may find the lectures and material to be biased, one-sided or just too politically charged. On the bright side, the diversity in opinions and the often-controversial nature of the material usually create the liveliest classroom debates you’ll find on campus.

3. The Monotone Sleep-Inducer

Heavy snowfall on a cold Monday morning will be half the reason you decide to skip class. These types of Profs will be the other half. Now you may be thinking “staying awake and focused for a three hour lecture?- challenge accepted.” Well think again. After your second Timmie’s run you will come to the realization that staying focused is futile as every word this prof mutters sounds exactly like the last three that just left their mouth. You will initially blame all those long nights of Buzzfeed videos for your lack of an attention span. Fortunately for you, that’s not the case- you’re attention span is fine. Unfortunately, this is your reality for an entire 12 weeks. This prof will bring you and coffee together as one.

4. The No-nonsense Prof

Slackers beware. Nerds rejoice. Everyone in between, prepare to put in some long nights if you want an A in this course. No-nonsense Profs are hard to define as they all package themselves differently. Some crack jokes that range from cringe-worthy to funny, while some walk into the lecture stone-faced every day. The common denominator, however is that they’re all hard markers and they’re all terribly inflexible when it comes to making concessions for late assignments or missing lectures. Just have a look at your course outline, provided you have an hour to go through all the checklists for what is expected on that twenty page term paper you’ll have to write. Twice. You will feel like a genius for completing their course with a C-.

5. The Second-Parent Prof

This prof will not bake you cookies or do your laundry for you- I’m sorry you’ll have to go home for that, but he/she will be a mentor for you. Each semester can be a challenge at times and it’s these Profs that help us get through them. They’ll be the ones that are willing to stay fifteen minutes after class to talk about something completely unrelated to the course. Some will even meet with students outside of office hours just to chat. The best part about them is depending on their niceness they’ll bend the rules around deadlines, especially if they know you’re going through a rough patch. Then, on the last lecture before the semester wraps up, they’ll share the warmest sentiments that will melt the class into a big pool of feels.


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