Ryerson is a great university in the heart of the downtown core. But do its pros outweigh the cons? Here are 11 Reasons Not To Go To Ryerson University!

1) They call Kerr Hall Rye High for a reason

You’ve all heard it before, from neighboring university students, on Yconic, even from all the salty students at Ryerson. Ryerson maintains a reputation of being called rye high due to the fact that the first building built looks like a circa 1960s high school right out of a bad romance movie about a bad boy and a good catholic girl.

2) The Smell of Gould Street

It’s 7:30 AM and you just grabbed your coffee, your morning commute was swell, you turn onto Gould St and then you get hit with the smell. Almost as if you were standing in the sewer of Toronto, the stench is disgusting.

3) The Preachers

Yonge and Dundas square is the home of Ryerson… And a bunch of overzealous religious preachers that like to scream into microphones about how every controversial topic is giving you a one way ticket to hell. If you’ve ever been to the Eaton centre you’ve probably heard a Bleeeeeeeeeh followed by a mini bible being shoved into your hands.

4) The Homeless

Income inequality is something you go to university to escape from, provided you actually graduate. For the Ryerson area, at Yonge and Dundas square it is constantly filled with people down on their luck asking for spare change, holding signs, and day drinking cheap wine from the LCBO across from the Ted Rogers building

5) Creepy guys

Ryerson is home to a special niche of creepy dudes. Not to say that every guy at Ryerson is bad at all. But we have had incidents from former alumni hitting on first years to that one guy who liked to crawl around the floors at the library trying to touch girls feet. There’s nothing wrong with a good kink, but there’s a time and a place for everything.

6) The security incidents

After getting accepted to Ryerson you’re going to be spammed with emails in your updates folder about security incidents. From assault, harassment, theft, you name it. There’s always someone doing something sketchy on Ryerson campus. The silver lining however is it makes for good reading during your commute

7) Rats outside RAC

According to everyone who’s ever been to the quad of Ryerson. If you look around the edges of Kerr Hall, and by the heat exhaust vents of the RAC you can see some furry little ankle biters creeping around… Waiting… Watching for you to drop even just a crumb of your hot dog so they can pounce.

8) Blow your wallet on tuition….AND food

Nobody said university was cheap… And nobody said eating was cheap either. With the multicultural hub of food that’s available from the eaton center food court, to Smoke’s Poutine, to Banh Mi Boys. There are so many different things to choose from and so many different ways to blow $6 bucks a meal. That may not sound like much, but when you get here for 8 AM and you’re on campus til 6 PM you’re going to blow at least $10-$25 on food a day

9) Kerr Hall is hotter than hell, and colder than my ex girlfriend…

It could be minus thirty five outside, but in the maze that is Kerr Hall that doesn’t matter, unless you’re dressed to be in a sauna expect to walk out of your three hour lecture smelling like you did a triathlon on a hot summer’s day. Oh, but don’t forget the rooms where the windows don’t close at all. remember that minus thirty five bit? Yeah it gets cold in those rooms. Essentially you can experience a heat stroke in one room, and frostbite in the one next door. Good old Canadian weather.

10) Overcrowded gyms

For many students, working out is a way of life. And your gym membership is graciously included in your tuition. However don’t forget that because of this literally everyone wants to get a workout in. Expect those gyms to be fuller than Bloor Yonge station during rush hour.

11) Kerr Hall is a maze

If you’ve ever entered Kerr Hall, you’ll notice that you’re likely going to get lost, and quickly. This maze spans a perimeter around the quad of Ryerson. Having a west side, and an east side. It is very easy to get lost in, and even easier to end up 20 minutes late for your first class in the building.


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