When you graduate from Ryerson you become part of a network of incredibly accomplished and thriving professionals. Many Ryerson alumni go on to do amazing work and inspire others to do the same. The following list of alumni will make you proud to be a Ryerson student and perhaps, one day, you will also be on a list just like this!

1.Hannah Simone

Famous actress and television host, Hannah Simone, is a notable mention among the alumni that once walked the halls of Ryerson University. She is a familiar face to Torontonians, as a former Much Music VJ, and now internationally as a star of the hit TV series “New Girl”. Her journey started in the Radio and Television Arts program at Ryerson University where she was once a student with huge dreams – just like you!


2. Gail Kim

Did you know the first female ever inducted into the TNA hall of fame is a Ryerson University alumni? Gail Kim, who is known as one of the greatest female wrestlers in the world, studied Nutrition at Ryerson. She is a six-time Knockouts Champion who goes by the ring name “La Felina”. In her first match, she won the WWE Women’s Championship and is a force to be reckoned with!



3.Shay Mitchell

Quadruple threat Shay Mitchell is not only an actress, entrepreneur, model, and author – but also a Ryerson university alumni. Shay caught her big break starring in the hit television series Pretty Little Liars as the beautiful, athletic, and intelligent Emily Fields. Before that, she attended Ryerson University for Acting and was always interested in performing arts as a child. Her passion has taken her all over the world modelling, acting, and following her other creative ventures.


4. Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries superstar. Nina Dobrev majored in sociology at Ryerson University before leaving to chase her acting dreams. She is a former star of the beloved Canadian TV series, Degrassi, and is a familiar face in Hollywood today. Dobrev has also starred in huge feature films like The Perks of Being a Wallflower and the action-comedy “Let’s Be Cops”.


5. Ramriddlz

R&B singer, Ramriddlz,  attended Ryerson University where he studied graphic communication management. His music career took off in his third year at Ryerson when his song ‘Sweeterman’ was covered by Toronto royalty – Drake. He released his album “Sweeter Dreams” in 2017 and is putting Toronto and Ryerson University on the map with the passion he has for his work!


Alumni of Ryerson University can be found killing the game in their respective industries all over the world. These are just a few of the inspiring individuals that have found their passions and lifelong friendships in the halls and classrooms of the university. It is safe to say the school is a great place to start for those with the biggest dreams and aspirations.


Sahar J

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