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10 of the Easiest Courses at Salem State

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Isabella Paoletto
College classes can be difficult and time consuming. However, every once in a blue moon a few classes will come along that are truly enjoyable and easy. Unfortunately, it is usually impossible to know which classes are easy and which will make you want to drop out of school until you're already enrolled. In order to make things a little easier, we compiled a list of the easiest and highest reviewed courses at Salem State University.

1. COM 202 —Writing for Media

This class is taught by one of the highest ranked professors on the Rate my Professors website, which is pretty impressive. Various students say the class is enjoyable, but also easy to succeed in and get an A. The class is especially useful for students who are interested in the field of journalism or communications. Students learn how to write stories for print and digital while also learning things like ethics and media law.Pen and paper on desk

2. CRJ 330 — Police Studies: Analysis and Research

This class focuses on issues of police leadership, communication, job-related stress and management related to current research and theory. This class is interesting and relevant to many people considering a job in the police force or just interested in how the system operates. The class also has a small workload and easy to understand lectures.Police car with crowd

3. CRJ 402 — Drugs and Crime

Another easy and interesting class relating to the criminal justice field is CRJ 402, which analyzes the effects of drugs on the criminal justice system. This free elective is interesting because it looks at modern issues, such as the "war on drugs", decriminalization and the impact of drugs on users. These topics make lectures easy to understand and relatable.Multi-colored pills

4. POL 371 — Women in Politics

This class is very easy and has a very light work load. It is perfect for students who may want to learn more about the challenges women face worldwide and how they can be changed through political action. Gender issues, social structures and patriarchy are common themes analyzed in this class.Two women looking at notes

5. GLS 100 — Dynamic Earth

The tests are easy for this class and homework given is pretty limited. However, labs can sometimes be on the boring side, but overall are a good trade off for the amount of work. Topics in the class include climate change, minerals, rocks and resources. If you are particularly interested in how the earth and the natural world works then this class is for you!Trees with sunlight shining in the background

6. SMS 141 — Swimming

If you're looking for a relaxing class, then SMS 141 is perfect. Students learn to perfect their breaststroke and swimming skills two hours a week in this class. The class satisfies the physical education activities requirement and is worth one unit.Person swimming in lanes at a pool

7. MUS 109 — Popular Music in America

For all the music lovers out there this class is perfect for you! The material learned is so relatable and easy to grasp that all tests and assignments in this class will be a breeze. Students learn the social history of popular music in America, while also listening to and enjoying various types of popular music. The class also satisfies an elective for music minors.Music notes on a piece of music sheet

8. MUS 120 — Fundamentals of Music

This is another class perfect for music lovers. This class dives deeper into music theory and teaches students the fundamentals of scales, intervals and chords. No previous music experience is required, making this class perfect for beginners or anyone wanting to learn more about instruments and music.A violin next to a sheet of music and violin case

9. PSY 252 — Adolescent Psychology

PSY 252 is a very interesting class, especially if you're interested in child development. The material of the class makes lectures and discussion interesting and engaging. Students also enjoy how easy the material and tests are to understand.Toddler grabbing bubbles while playing

10. HST 101 — World History I

Usually, history classes can be boring and difficult because of all the different dates and events one has to memorize. Luckily, that isn't the case with this class. This class analyzes global history from its origins to modern day history in a way that is simple and easy to understand. The classes are very informative, but fun at the same time.Old books written in different languagesThe classes you take in college can help make or break your experience. While it is important to take classes that are relevant to your speciality and challenging, it can also be important to branch out and take classes outside of your comfort zone. Easy and enjoyable classes can make your overall college experience a better one.


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