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Top 10 Coolest Courses at San Diego State University

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Chelsea Bailey
6 Dec 2018
5 min read
It is the dream of every university student to have an easy life in school. Well, at San Diego State University your dreams are still valid! With a variety of some of the coolest classes that you can enroll to, you are assured of having fun and joy in campus. These classes won’t cause you any headaches as they will be relatively easy. There is no other better way of gaining skills and knowledge than with enrolling in this cool classes at San Diego State University. Check out the list below!

1. LING 352 - Language and Advertising

Advertising word cloud The first class is an interactive class that brings the instructor and the students together. In this interesting class, students get to learn about the linguistic devices and how they are used as part of persuasion in advertisement. The use of grammar, vocabulary and sound structure will be explored.

2. COMPE 160 - Introduction to Computer Programming

A blurred code in Computer Programming It is important for students to have basic programming skills in this current world. It will be an introductory class to basic concepts in computer programming. Students will learn about computer organization and binary representation of data.

3. DANCE 181 - Introduction to Dance

Human figures dancing Imagine getting extra credits for learning what entails dance. Students in this class will get a basic overview of dance as a ritual, fitness, an art and therapy. Focus will be on the western civilization.

4. ENGL 100 - Rhetoric of Written Argument

People figures pushing a writing hand In this exciting class students get to learn about rhetoric of written arguments and to make the necessary decisions about rhetoric conventions, structure and cohesion. At the end of the classes students will be able to do better in writing projects.

5. ENS 304 - Physiology of Exercise

A man and woman in a gym Current lifestyles demand that we exercise routinely to avoid getting obese or developing lifestyle illness. In this class you will evaluate the physiology of exercise in depth by looking at how body physiological functions are affected by physical activities.

6. GEOG 340 - Geography of Food

A pile of donuts and burgers From a geographical point of view food undergoes different processes from production until it is prepared and consumed. In this class, you will also explore the various food and their economic, political, social and social aspects.

7. GEOL 305 - Water and the Environment

water and environment and a recycle sign This is simple yet very useful class. Students will get to explore the movement of fresh water on the earth and the cycle that is undergone evaporation to formation of rain. Topics in water pollution, urbanization, overuse of water resources and the problems these cause will be discussed.

8. HIST 435 - History Through Film (A)

A person waling on a cinema film This is another cool class where you will explore different historical periods through film. In this class the main historical document is film. How cool is that!

9. NAV S 302 - Navigation

A large ship navigating in water Not all of us get a chance to know how to operate ships in the ocean. In this interesting class students will be able to learn navigation, piloting, maneuvering and the rules of nautical road. Students will also learn how to operate gyro and magnetic compasses.

10. JMS 450 - Media and Culture

Word cloud about Media and Culture Lastly, in this class students will be able to learn the way media and culture interrelates. It is a fun class that is easy to study and pass. Enroll now and improve your classroom experience. In conclusion, the information about the coolest classes at San Diego State University will help you to wisely add some to your schedule. These classes will impact knowledge and teach you skills in the coolest way. It is only fair to have one or two of these in your schedule. Enroll now!


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