Psychology is not only the study of human behavior and the mind, but it is a crucial part in understanding who we are as people during various stages in our life time. San Diego State offers a very interesting class, Psychology 230 or Developmental Psychology, in which you analyze each life period from infancy to old age. If you are passionate about Psychology or simply want to learn more about it, take this course. Professor Friend is a great choice. She is a knowledgeable woman who is passionate about her field of study and is a great lecturer! Attending her 2 hour and 40 minute lecture every Tuesday can seem like a drag, but it is one of the most interesting classes and is highly recommended! In this article, there will be 3 tips that will lead you to not only survive but thrive in this course.

#1 Go To Class

This cannot be stressed enough, GO TO CLASS! This course only requires 1 day of effort, and attending class will not only help with your understanding, but you receive extra credit every time you attend a class. If you don’t miss any lectures, the extra credit could boost your grade over 5%. This is a huge help because when you get a test grade back that is not as good as you thought, you have a cushion to lean on. Attending class is one of the most important parts of thriving in this course, and unless you have a valid excuse, do not skip! Also, this course requires only 6 days of attendance. This is because throughout the semester, there are 3 tests and 3 movie days, in which you are required to attend. Do not forget to come on those days! Movie days are great because you get to incorporate what you are learning and see it as a visually on-screen. The day after the movie, there is a 2-page double spaced paper to answer 5 straight forward questions about the film! If you paid attention to the movie, this assignment will be a piece of cake and also helps boost your grade.

#2 Do The Weekly Homework

Mindtap is an online website that is connected to the course book. Here, the professor can attach assignments and you can complete them online. In Psychology 230, we have weekly homework on Mindtap. Professor Friend gives until the Monday night before class to complete it, so you have a week to complete the homework. It is pretty simple really, usually the assignments consists of answering polls, writing opinion answers to scenarios, and watching videos while answering observation questions. The homework is a small portion of your grade but if you complete it and get 100%, this will help your grade. Also, at the end of each chapter assignment, there is an optional 20 question extra credit practice test that you can take. This practice test has unlimited attempts, therefore, you can do it until you get 100%!

#3 Do The Reading

Read, read, read! This goes along with the Mindtap assignments, but what has helped to succeed in this class was taking the time to read the textbook and take notes. When it comes time for the test, you will simply go over your notes and it will be a lot less stressful. While reading the text, writing down important terms, concepts, theories, and people are a great way to memorize and understand the text. After each section, quickly read over them to make sure you can recall it in lecture. This is a great strategy that will lead to your success on tests.

After reading the top 3 tips to succeed in Psychology 230, hopefully some of you are inspired to take it! Overall, it is a rigorous but extremely informative course. It is a great class, and hopefully you think so too!



















Josy Lopez

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