Sociology, also known as the scientific study of society, is key to understand how and why humans function in our world today. It includes patterns of social relationships, social interaction, and culture. Sociology is not only extremely intriguing, but having knowledge of this field helps to increase our understanding of individuals. SDSU offers a course in Sociology led by a few different professors, but Professor Choi is the best. Professor Choi is strong-headed and confident in his beliefs and because of his passion, his lecture is always intriguing. Sociology with Choi is highly recommended by many and here’s why.

1. Class Breakdown

Sociology with Choi consists of a large lecture class led by Choi and a small section class led by a TA. Large lecture is 2 times a week while small section is only once a week. Large lecture is 50 minutes, and is a chance to go over the big picture. Small section is after the large lecture and is another 50 minute class where you discuss what occurred in the class before. The small section is a chance to ask questions and engage in discussion.

2. Assignments

All assignments are done in small section and are assigned and created by your TA. Overall, there are 2 main creative assignments and 2 notecards due of discussion questions. This course is meant to not be too stressful, it is more about understanding the concepts and integrating ideas into your own life.

#3 Tests

In the course, there is one midterm and one final. The final is non-cumulative and is only based on information after the midterm. Overall, because this class only has 2 tests, it is crucial that you do good on each test in order to boost your overall grade.

4. Study Tips

To go about studying for the tests in this course, there are 3 main things that will be crucial to your success. First of all, attend class. The tests are made up of both content from the lecture and from the book. Therefore, attending lectures and taking good notes will ensure a good grade on the test. Secondly, before the tests, a Google document is created in order for students to contribute and study from it. It is a good idea to not only contribute to it but to study from it as well. This document is a great study guide for tests and will lead you to success. Lastly, attending your small section is a good time to ask questions and check your understanding. Although attendance is not usually required, it is still a good idea to go and discuss the material. Doing all 3 of these things will guarantee your success in this class.

In conclusion, SOC 101 with Professor Choi is a great course. Although some of the material can be challenging or controversial, Professor Choi makes it fun and light-hearted. Studying sociology is crucial to how you see and understand the world. By taking this class, your perspective on life will shift for the better and open your eyes to the reality of this world and society today.





Josy Lopez

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