Biology, or the study of life, is not only extremely interesting but it is crucial to understand. Because we are all walking, living organisms, it is important to study life in order to understand ourselves. BIOL 100 with Dr. Ekdale is a challenging course, but one that is very interesting and fun to learn. Biology with Ekdale is twice a week, each lecture being 1 hr and 15 minutes long. This article will provide you with a breakdown of the semester.

#1 Class Materials

For BIOL 100, there is an online textbook that needs to be purchased. It is called  Biology: Concepts and Investigations by Hoefnagels, 3e. It is important to purchase this e-book because it is a great resource to use when studying for tests.

#2 Assignments and Quizzes

Throughout the semester, there are 8 online assignments to complete. Each assignment is worth 1.25 points, so 10 points in total. The assignments consist of 15-20 fill in the blank questions based off of lecture. Also, throughout the semester there are 6 quizzes that consist of 10 multiple choice questions based off of lecture and the textbook. Each quiz is worth 10 points and they are not in class quizzes. You have 24 hours to complete the quiz on your own time therefore you can take it any time and any place. However, it is closed note and internet, therefore you cannot use outside resources to take the quizzes. At the end of the semester after all the quizzes are complete, Dr. Ekdale drops the lowest score.

#3 Tests

There are a total of 3 tests in the semester. Because there are not many tests, they are usually based on around 8-9 lectures. It can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you study last minute. Because there is not much information on the tests, it is crucial to study at least a week before.

#4 The Final

The final is at the end of the semester and is simply just another test. The final is non-cumulative and only based on the lectures after the 3rd test. Therefore, you can treat it as a normal test and it is less stressful as well.

In conclusion, BIOL 100 with Professor Ekdale is a challenging course but is one that is extremely intriguing and is recommended to take. If you want to learn more about how life works on this planet, take this course. Biology is crucial in not only your understanding of the world, but the understanding of you as a human being.



Josy Lopez

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