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Your every semester consists of about 15 Units. And it is vital for you to select courses which help increase your GPA. These courses have fun classes, and even a lot of extra credits are given for these type of classes. Fun courses help you to relax and soak in the knowledge of a subject you’re interested in. Below mentions some easy courses to study at SDSU.

1. Journalism and Media Studies (JMS210)

JMS210 includes exciting topics like Social networking, virtual worlds, and digital media literacy. Students enrolled in this class have to create and communicate arguments and consume information via digital, social, and mobile technologies in a global environment. It is quite easy to score good marks in this course, as most of the professors in this class give a lot of extra credits and the exams are even more comfortable to score high marks. The average GPA of students in this class is about 3.65.

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2. Television Film and Media (TFM 101)

TFM101 includes the study of cinema in its diverse forms. Students have to focus more on Historical and Stylistic influences on aesthetic values and social implications of the film. The grading of this class is divided into two sections, one is Exams (30%), and the other is in class activities like Quizzes and movie watching (70%). Students get a lot of extra credits for all the in-class activities. The average GPA of students in this class is 3.6.

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3. Oral Communication (COMM 103)

This course gives students training in fundamental processes of oral expression; method of obtaining and organizing material; outlining; principles of attention and delivery; practice in construction and delivery of various forms of speeches. The grading is made in such a way that 60% is for the speeches and remaining 40% for exams and quizzes which are very easy for students to score marks. The average GPA of students in this class is 3.6.

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4. Introduction to Music (Music 151)

Music 151 is a study on Elements of music as exemplified by works representing different areas, cultures, styles, and forms. The grading is based on writing assignments like research paper and presentation. You just need to give complete attention in class to ace this course. You will also get a lot of extra credits for this course to score high marks. The average GPA for Music 151 is about 3.45.

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5. Beginning Bowling (ENS 119A)

ENS 119A is an introduction bowling for 1 unit. This is a class in which you get a straight ‘A’ just for attending the classes and bowling for just one hour a week, You will enjoy this class a lot. The average GPA for this class is about 3.8.

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The courses mentioned above are some of the easiest courses to study at SDSU and you will excel in these classes. Take one easy class for a semester and continue to do that to do well in your major-related classes too.


Aadit Shah

I am a freshmen student doing my majors in computer science at San Diego State University.

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