SDSU has many courses in its curriculum, but the level of difficulty depends on the class, teacher and the type of students enrolled in the class. Here is a list of classes in which the majority of the students at SDSU find difficult to do well:

1. Introduction to Humanities (HUM101)

HUM101 includes preliminary investigation of how values and ideals are expressed in literary, artistic, and intellectual achievements of individuals and civilizations throughout the world. 85% of the grading criteria is divided by 3 tests, and the remaining 15% are quizzes which are taken in all classes. What makes it challenging to score good marks is that students have to read a lot, do well in all three test and go to each and every class. The average GPA of students in this class is 2.0.

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2. Calculus 1 (MATH150)

MATH150 includes Algebraic and transcendental functions, Continuity and limits, Derivative and its applications, Integrals and the Fundamental theorem of calculus. This course hits home with a heavy workload and a limited time period. With tough exams and shear stress, students are not able to score very good marks in this course. The average GPA of students in this class is 1.8.

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3. Organic Chemistry (CHEM232)

Chem232 includes properties and synthesis of organic compounds including reaction mechanisms. This course is considered to be hard for students as they have to visualize and mentally rotate three-dimensional molecular structures. It involves both memorization and critical thinking questions which makes the exams tougher. The average GPA of students in this class is 1.9.

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4. General Biology (BIO100)

Bio100 is an introductory course in biology, stressing processes common to living organisms. Students find this course difficult as they have to study about 50 chapters in 4 months which is a very tough job. The online course structure is not suitable for this class.  Also, the exams are tough for the students to score good marks, and there are no extra credits for this class. The average GPA for this class is about 1.8.

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5. Intro Computer Programming (CS107)

CS107 includes programming methodology and problem-solving, basic concepts of computer systems, algorithm design and development, data types, program structures, extensive programming in Java. Students find this course a bit difficult because it’s the first time that they are exposed to the world of coding . Plus, it is also difficult to truly understand the topics. The average GPA of students in this course is 2.3.

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The above listed are the difficult courses that you will need to study very hard for at SDSU. If you have any of the courses in your planner this semester, then tighten your laces at the start of the semester and get ready to work hard!


Aadit Shah

I am a freshmen student doing my majors in computer science at San Diego State University.

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