Even with an average of 15 units for a semester at SDSU,  you will have enough amount of time to do a lot of activities. Working on campus is one of the best things to do in your free time. Luckily SDSU offers a lot of on-campus opportunities for students who have a work-study permit. The following are some of the best jobs on campus:

Aztec Ticket Office

The position at the ticket office is one of the easiest jobs to get on-campus. The ticket office pays 10.50$/hr for  students. The work of a student is to sit behind the glass and print out guest tickets. To work at the ticket office, the only qualification is that you should be a student at SDSU and have good communication skills. It is also an easy way to get an SSN for the international students.

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Aztec Recreation Center

Working at the Aztec Recreation Center is fantastic, as it gives you a lot of motivation to work at the gym. There are many opportunities to work at the ARC such as Facility Supervisors, Marketing (Sales, Public Relations & Graphics), Climbing Wall Supervisors, Racquetball/Tennis Supervisors, Group Fitness Instructors, Maintenance Assistants and many more. ARC pays students about 10.50$/hr.

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Desk Assistant at Dorms

Each of the 8 dorms at SDSU features a desk assistant. The primary objective of a desk assistant is to keep the safety and security of the dorms. A ‘DA’ has to check if a student has a pass to enter the dorms, and if a student does not have that pass they have to check-in that person with a valid ID. Desk Assistants are paid about 11$/hr.

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SDSU Card Office

One of the easiest job at SDSU is working at the SDSU card office. You are given a camera through which you click a photo of the person who wants to be issued a new Red ID. You have to check if the student has a valid ID or not. The rest of the work is done by the system, and a card is printed with students photo. SDSU card office pays about 11$/hr to a student at SDSU.

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Summer Orientation Staff

Being an orientation leader is an also great opportunity for students to work for a limited amount of time. Even if you did not get an internship in the Summer, this is a good chance to earn a good amount of money and make many more new friends. The orientation staff is paid about 11$/hr.

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An on-campus job experience always looks good on a resume. It is also an excellent opportunity for students to earn some good money. The good thing is that SDSU Career Connection schedules your work hours in such a way that they there are no conflicts in timings with classes. Study hard and work hard! All the best!


Aadit Shah

I am a freshmen student doing my majors in computer science at San Diego State University.

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