Congratulations! on clearing Math-150 at SDSU with a ‘C’ or a better grade. From the start itself, Math-151 at SDSU is far more tougher than that of Calculus-1. So before working hard, you need to understand the Concepts that you will go through in this class. The following are the major concepts in Math-151 at SDSU.


It can be said to be a review section from the Calculus 1 class, so that student recall the topics they learned in Calculus 1. Generally, students find this section to be easy. Integrals section consists of topics like Riemann Sums, Trapezoidal Sums, Integration Rules for all functions using Indefinite Integrals, Integration using Partial Fractions, and Integration by Parts. To master this topic, you at least 15 hours of hard work.

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2.Application Of Integrals:

In this section, students have to apply integrals on graphs and work on word problems. Students have to use techniques that they used in previous chapters. The area between two curves, Volumes, Solids of Revolution(dish, washer, and shell), Work, Center of Mass and moments are the main topics that you will study in this section.  To master this topic, you at least 30 hours of hard work.

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3.Polar and Parametric Functions:

Students face a lot of problems understanding this section. Even though both subjects don’t have much in common, sometimes polar coordinates can be solved in terms of parametric functions. The topics that you will study in this section are Polar Coordinates, Polar Graphs, Area in Polar Coordinates, graphing a parametric graph and finding its slope and concavity.  To master this topic, you need at least 30 hours of hard work.

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4.Sequence and Series:

Students who have a really good logic do well in this section, but don,t worry as you won’t find sequence and series anywhere outside the Calculus class. Topics that you will study are Sequences, Convergence, and Divergence for Infinite Series (9 series tests), Radius and Interval of Convergence, Taylor Polynomials, Error and Lagrange Error Bound.  To master this topic, you at least 23 hours of hard work.

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Students like this section the most as it is quite short and Calculus-2 at SDSU include just the introduction of vectors, so it is quite easy. Topics you need to study for this section are representing vectors in 2D and 3D, Finding a vector given initial and terminal points, and Calculating the Dot Product and Cross Product. To master this topic, you at least 10 hours of hard work.

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Fight harder to get what you want and you will definitely succeed in your curriculum. Your future is in your hand. Again this class is hard so, do as much effort as you can, then and only then you will excel this class. All the best!! 


Aadit Shah

I am a freshmen student doing my majors in computer science at San Diego State University.

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