As a freshman attending SDSU, you have the option to bring a car and have it parked in a parking lot near your dorm. Although it is not necessarily needed, it is very nice to have on hand. However, there are pros and cons of having a car. Is it really a necessity? Let’s find out.

PROS of bringing a car

1. You can escape

Being in college (especially as a freshman) can feel overwhelming and at times you may feel homesick, anxious, or trapped. Having a car allows you to escape campus, even just to take a drive by the beach and listen to some music. It can feel freeing and for many people, stress-relieving.

2. Easier to buy necessities

As a freshman living in the dorms, you tend to run out of things you never thought you would run out of. Shampoo, conditioner, razers, dryer sheets,  toothpaste, deoderant. Things you probably did not need to go out and buy in high school. When you start to run low on these things, having a car comes in handy. You can just hop in your car and drive to the nearest Target 10 minutes away to pick these up, simple. No uber needed.

3. Exploring

Exploring San Diego especially if you are not originally from San Diego is an exciting thing and probably one of the best things to do on the weekends as a college freshman. From the beach to the mall to new trendy cafes, the possibilities are endless if you have a car. No need to pay for an uber, no need to wait on anything, everything is easy.

4. Transportation home

Depending on where you live, having a car can be extremley useful when wanting to visit home. Visiting home is important as a freshman, as this is a time of adjustment and stress that can sometimes be a lot to handle. Going home is always a great choice if you just want to get away from the madness and be a little more comforted.


CONS of bringing a car

1. Cars are expensive

Not only do you have to pay for gas every once in a while, you also have to pay for a parking permit. At SDSU, the 24 hour semester parking permit is $266. Depending on where your dorm is located, the parking garage can be close or far to your dorm. Sometimes you get lucky and it is convienent, but other times you may have to walk a good amount just to get to your car.

2. People can take advantage

This is a problem that many college students face when they bring a car. Because it is not super popular to bring your car as a first year at SDSU, many people rely on ubers to get around. When people find out you have a car, they will 100% ask you to drive them places. It can be annoying to be taken advantaged of, but the way to solve this problem is to just say no.

In conclusion, bringing a car to SDSU as a freshman is a controversial topic. Of course, it is fully up to you and what you feel will be more beneficial for you at your first year at college. There are a lot of pros that make bringing your car a good choice but the cons (such as the cost), can stop you. Make sure to be wise about this decision, but either way with out without a car, your college experience will be amazing!


Josy Lopez

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