Greek life at SDSU is huge. Not only is it a great way to be involved, but it is a great way to meet lifelong friends. SDSU is well known for it’s greek life popularlity, and because of this, thousands of girls go through the recruitment process (rush) every year. Sororities are pretty controversial and many people have different thoughts about them. Here is all you need to know about sororities at San Diego State.

# 1 Number of Sororities

Because SDSU has over 30,000 students, there is a high amount of sororities. However, this means that everyone will have a place in one! Overall, there are 9 sororites ranked in a high to low system based on popularity, group events, and philanthropy. The sororites include (in no order): Alpha Phi, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta, and Pi Beta Phi. Overall, there are a lot of options and there will for sure be a perfect match for you and your interests!

#2 Recruitment Process

Recruitment at SDSU is pretty expensive. It can cost from $60-$90 depending on when you sign up. So yes, it is pretty expensive. However, the price ranges from college to college. If you attend a school where greek life is not as popular, it can cost anywhere from $20-40. The recruitment process takes place in both the fall and spring time. The fall is when all the sororties recruit, but the spring is more limited because only sororities that want more members will rush people during this time. Recruitment or more typically known as rush, is a pretty brutal process. Rush is a 5 day process, and the 6th day is bid day (when you recieve your sorority). The first 2 days are jam packed because you visit every house for about 45 minutes each. The 3rd day you get a list of houses that you were invited back to, and the list has a maximum number of 6 houses. This day is house tours day, so you will be able to see what life is like inside the houses. The 4th day you will recieve another list. This list contains the houses that invited you back. There is a maxium number of 4 houses. This day is philanthropy day, so you will learn about the charity those sororities support and what type of events they hold for their specific charity. Day 5 is preference round, so you get invited back to a maximum of 3 houses. For this round, you learn about their sisterhood and this one of the most fancy days where you are recommended to wear a dress and heels. Lastly, day 6 is bid day. This is when you get together with your rush group and you get handed an envelope with your “bid” or sorority that has chosen you. After you open your bid, you “run home” and go to your sorority bid day party. At this party, you will recieve a shirt that must be worn that day, do fun activities, and take photos.

#3 Cost

Sorority life at SDSU can be very expensive. Because of the popularity of greek life here, it can range anywhere from $1200-$1500 per semester. It all depends on each individual sorority, so it ranges but it is in the thousands. However, if you have some sort of scholarship, your money can cover the sorority costs. Therefore, if greek life is something that interests you, look into and apply to scholarships beforehand.

#4 Sorority Events and Obligations

Sororites are a full time commitment. Throughout the semester, you have to go to events and attend meeting in order to be an active member. For example, sororites have quite a few socials which is basically when that sorority and their paired fraternity do some sort of activity. There are also occasional mixers which are mini fancy parties with frats. Some sororities require library study hours, which need to be completed every week. Also, some sororites require you to get involved a join a club for points. There are usually weekly chapter meeting where you meet with your sorority and discuss special events. Sisterhood events are very popular as well. These are events for the girls only, time to spend together and bond. Lastly, there are philanthropy events as well that you can attend. Overall, it is a big commitment so really think before commiting to one.

#5 Worth it?

So is it worth it? That’s for you to decide. Even though sororites are expensive, time consuming, and stressful at times, it is a great way to meet friends, get involved, and become immersed in a community. Overall, it is a good experience but it really is not for everyone. Greek life is a unique experience but it is not everything during college.

In conclusion, sororities can be the perfect option if you are a freshman looking for an easy way to meet people and make the best out of your college experience. However, you need to weigh the pros and cons for cost and time. Because it is very costly and time consuming, sometimes it may not be a great idea if you have a very difficult major. If sorority life is not for you, there are plenty of other ways to get involved on campus, so keep your options open!



Josy Lopez

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