Religion 101 at San Diego State is a very eye-opening and informative course.  Not only does this course teach you about religions ranging from Christianity to Buddhism, but it goes in-depth into religions that you may not even have heard of. Throughout the course you will immerse yourself into a new perspective, and when you complete the course, you will feel like a new person. This is everything you need to know about RELS 101 at SDSU.

#1 Course Objective

REL S 101 is an introduction to the academic study of the world’s major religious traditions. Together, you and the professor will explore diverse religious philosophies and practices to understand how they enrich humanity and shed light on the nature, meaning and struggles of human existence. The teacher wants everyone to be completely at ease in this class, regardless of if s/he believes in any religion or doesn’t. The aim is to simply study the different religions without assessments about if they are ‘right” or “wrong.”

#2 Required Textbooks

Introduction to World Religions Reader, 2nd edition, by Khaleel Mohammed.

Student Workbook: RELS 101 Workbook: Mohammed Version.


#3 Fulfilled Credit

RELS 101 is one of the nine courses that you will take in General Education Foundations. Foundations courses cultivate skills in reading, writing, research, communications, computation, information literacy, and use of technology. They furthermore introduce you to basic concepts, theories and approaches in a variety of disciplines in order to provide the intellectual breadth necessary to help you integrate the more specialized knowledge gathered in your major area of study into a broader world picture. This course is one of the four Foundations courses that you will take in the area of Humanities and Fine Arts.


#4 Assignments and Quizzes

The workbook homework is worth 20% of your final grade. Your workbook is to assist you in self-assessment while reading the material in the class text, and to assess your writing skills as required in General Education courses. It has notes and materials that are not found in the course text and more importantly, learning enhancement questions. It is important to keep up with the homework and make sure you are doing it on time because your teacher will do random homework checks and if you do not have it done or are not in class that day, you will get points removed. In addition to homework, There will be four quizzes, each carrying a maximum of 20 points. The teacher will drop the lowest of your four quiz scores when calculating your final grade. Lastly, there are occasional unscheduled writing assignments that involve you providing a written answer to a relevant issue. There will be no make-up for such assignment(s), even if your absence is excused. These random assignments are worth 5% of your overall grade.


#5 Tests

As for tests in the class, there are none except for the final exam. The final exam is worth 20% of your grade so it is important to do well. Your final examination is cumulative to the extent that there will include one or two questions from material covered in previous quizzes. The focus, however, will be on all the material studied after the last quiz. You will need a scantron 289 for this test.


In conclusion, Religion 101 is a great course to take. The workload is pretty light, but you need to be on top of the work and make sure you do well on the quizzes. Attendance is crucial in this class because of the random homework checks. If you miss a homework check, there are no makeups. But overall, this class is extremely interesting and eye-opening. This class will make you think in ways you never thought you would, and for that, it is a great course.



Josy Lopez

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