Psychology 280 at SDSU is interestingly not your average psychology class. Psych 28o is actually statistics in psychology, something that not many people think of. This class is technically a statistics course, but will integrate examples that deal with psychology (such as depression) throughout the course. Psych 280 is a required class if you are a psychology major, but even if you are not, it is a great class to learn about statistics. Here is all you need to know about Psychology 280 at San Diego State.

#1 Course Objective

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to quantitative methods in Psychology for producing, analyzing, and interpreting data. You will discuss sampling, probability, describing distributions, correlation, applications of normal probability curve, and tests of significance. The labs will include discussion and practice with using statistical, spreadsheet, and word processing software.


#2 Textbook

Gravetter, F.J. & Wallnau, L.B. (2013). Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (9th Ed). Belmont, CA: Cengage


#3 Required Lab

This class is 4 units, meaning there is a 3 unit lecture and 1 unit lab. You must be registered for one PSY 280 Lecture section and its linked Lab section. Students who are not enrolled in both the Lecture and a Lab will be dropped from the course. The lab is once a week while the lectures are twice a week. The main reason for the lab is to go more in-depth and learn the math in detail. In your lab you will get lectured and you will also get time to work on the homework. This is a great time to ask questions and receive help on your homework.


#4 Assignments

In this course, you will have weekly assignments that you will need to complete and turn in during the lab. You have a full week to complete these assignments, therefore you have a long time to complete it. The assignments usually consist of about 7-8 questions that have about 2-3 parts per each question. The homework is a great way to get in some practice and it is crucial to understand the homework in order to perform on the tests.


#5 Tests

As for tests in this course, there will be a total of 3 exams that are spread out throughout the semester. Because there is no final, it is crucial that you do well on these 3 exams as they are worth a chunk of your final grade. The tests will include a mixture of things you have learned from the lecture as well as the math that you have learned in the lab. The tests are pretty straight forward and not very long. However, it is important that you bring your calculator and complete all of the calculations perfectly.


In conclusion, psych 280 is a very interesting course. Because it is a math class, you will have to perform calculations but for the most part they are not very complex. It is more important to understand the concepts and if you do, you will perform well in the class and get a good grade. Overall, this class is great and it is very informative. Even if you are not a psychology major, this is a cool class to take if you are looking for a math credit. Great class!





Josy Lopez

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