Biology is a very diverse and complicated subject, but it is still one of the most popular majors amongst college students. Not only is learning about life extremley aoppealing and intresting, but learning about biology in all of its wonders can be a powerful thing. There a lot of biology courses at San Diego State, and these are just 5 of the most popular lower division courses you can take.

#1 Biology 100

BIOL 100 is a course in general Biology worth 3 units. The prerequisite recommended is a concurrent registration in Biology 100L. This is a beginning course in biology stressing processes common to living organisms. It is a basic and general but very informative class where you will learn everything from atoms to mitosis to animal interactions. It is a great course if you are looking to get a basis knowledge of biology. Also, Bio 100 is actually required for some majors such as psychology.


#2 Biology 101

BIOL 101 is a course about the World of Animals. This is a 3 unit class about animal adaptation and diversity and their relationship to the development of evolutionary theory. It counts as a biology 101 class, but it is just focused more on the animal side of biology rather than the science side. This is a fun course but it is also very enlightening and you will learn a lot! This is recommended if you enjoy learning about animals and want a twist from your normal biology class.


#3 Biology 203

BIOL 203 is a course about the principles of Cell and Molecular Biology that is worth 3 units. The prerequisites for this class include Chemistry 200 and satisfaction of the English Placement Test requirement. Also a concurrent registration or credit with a grade of C or better in Biology 203L. This is a course about the principles of biology applying to all organisms, including basic biochemistry, cell structure, membrane transport, energy metabolism, cell division, classical and molecular genetics, gene expression, development, and recombinant DNA.


#4 Biology 204

BIOL 204 is a course in the Principles of Organismal Biology. The prerequisites are a satisfaction of the English Placement Test requirement and a concurrent registration or credit with a grade of C or better in Biology 204L. Also, it is recommended that you have completed Biology 203 and 203L. This course is about the principles of biology applying to all organisms, including systematics and diversity of bacteria, protist, fungi, plants and animals, and concepts of physiology, reproduction, development and differentiation, ecology and the causes of endangerment of a species.


#5 Biology 211

BIOL 211 is a course about the Fundamentals of Microbiology. The prerequisites include Biology 203 and 203L; or Biology 100 and Chemistry 100 or 102 or 130. This is a course about the microorganisms of the environment, including disease-producing organisms, their actions and reactions. This course is mainly for nursing, nutrition, and kinesiology (prephysical therapy) majors.


In conclusion, SDSU offers a large variety of lower division courses in biology. Biology 101 is recommended if you are just starting out, and once you finish this course, you will be able to go onto more challenging courses. Overall, biology is one of the most popular courses to take at SDSU, and it is loved by many. Not only is it very interesting and informing, but it teaches you to question life in a way you never thought was possible.






Josy Lopez

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