Chemistry is a very challenging subject, especially if you take upper division courses. At San Diego State, there are various different upper division chemistry that are required for certain majors. Despite them being quite a challenge, they are adored by many because of how interesting they are. These at 5 of the most popular upper division chemistry courses at SDSU.

#1 Chemistry 300

CHEM 300 is a course in Forensic Science. The prerequisite for this course is Chemistry 100 or completion of General Education requirement in Foundations of Learning II.A. Natural Sciences and Quantitative Reasoning. During this course you will learn about the techniques and case studies of mysteries solved by molecular analysis: chemical and DNA analysis of crime scenes, biochemical explanations of mysterious deaths and accidents, molecular hallmarks of forgery, chemical methods in crime deterrence, chemical causes of fires and structure failure.


#2 Chemistry 308

CHEM 308 is a course in Chemistry as a Unifying Science. The prerequisite includes completion of the General Education requirement in Foundations II.A., Natural Sciences and Quantitative Reasoning. In this class you will learn about the Atomic molecular theory of matter, use of concepts of chemistry to explain observable phenomena in everyday life, including physical properties and chemical changes, connections between chemistry and biology, earth science, and physical science.


#3 Chemistry 410A

CHEM 410A is a course in Physical Chemistry. This class requires you to take three lectures and three hours of laboratory. The prerequisites include Chemistry 232, 232L, 251, Mathematics 252 (Mathematics 150, 151; 252 or Physics 195, 195L, 196, 196L for chemistry teaching major), Physics 195, 195L and 196, 196L. Recommended: Physics 197 and 197L. You will learn about the theoretical principles of chemistry with emphasis on mathematical relations. Theory and practice in acquisition and statistical analysis of physical measurements on chemical systems.


#4 Chemistry 427

CHEM 427 is a course in Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory. There is a lecture portion as well, but this course includes three hours of laboratory. The prerequisite is credit or concurrent registration in Chemistry 520A. This is a laboratory course designed to introduce students to techniques used in synthesis, characterization, and manipulation of inorganic compounds and materials.


#5 Chemistry 457

CHEM 457 is a course in the Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis. This course includes six hours of laboratory. The prerequisites are Chemistry 251, 432, 432L, and credit or concurrent registration in Chemistry 410B, concurrent registration in Chemistry 550. This course is an application of instrumental methods of chemical separations and analysis frequently used in all subdisciplines of chemistry.


In conclusion, despite chemistry being quite a difficult course, it is loved by many. These courses listed are just a few of the several upper division classes that SDSU offers. These 5 courses are all very challenging, but all very insightful and you will learn a lot in each of them. Overall, chemistry is a great course to take and it is recommended to try at least one of these upper division courses!









Josy Lopez

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