Math can be complex, but it can also be very fun if you enjoy it. At San Diego State, they offer several lower division math courses in order to recieve your math credit. Although they can be challenging, these are great classes to take. These are just 5 of the several you can take at SDSU.

#1 Math 105

MATH 105 is a course in College Algebra. But you need to satisfy the Entry-Level Mathematics requirement. This is a course that will go deeper into real numbers, graphs, theory of functions, sinusoidal equations, and their applications to science. Excel and Maple programming. Not open to students with credit in Mathematics 121, 124, or 141.


MATH 120 is a course in Calculus for Business Analysis. The prerequisite is Satisfaction of the Entry-Level Mathematics requirement. This is a course in Matrix algebra. It will expose you to calculus including differentiation and integration, graphing and optimization, exponential and logarithmic functions and multivariable calculus. Not open to students with credit in Mathematics 150.


#3 Math 124

MATH 124 is a course in Calculus for the Life Sciences. This course requires you to take three lectures and three hours of laboratory. The prerequisites are knowledge of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry as demonstrated by either (1) satisfactory completion of Mathematics 141 with a grade of C (2.0) or above; or (2) satisfaction of the Entry-Level Mathematics requirement and qualification on the Mathematics Departmental Precalculus Proficiency Examination. Proof of completion of prerequisites required. This class will show you the basic concepts of calculus with life science applications. Topics from differential and integral calculus and an introduction to elementary differential equations. Computer applications to biological problems.


#4 Math 151

MATH 151 is a course in Calculus II. This class includes three lectures and two hours of activity. The prerequisite is mathematics 150 with minimum grade of C. Proof of completion of prerequisite is required. This class will go over the techniques and applications of integration, improper integrals, differential equations, infinite series, conic sections, curves in parametric form, and polar coordinates.


#5 Math 210

MATH 210 is a class in  Number Systems in Elementary Mathematics. The prerequisite for this course is satisfaction of the Entry-Level Mathematics requirement. This course will go into number sense, operation concepts, estimation, mental arithmetic, algorithms, problem solving, whole, rational, real numbers, ratio, and number theory. This course or its equivalent is required for students working toward a multiple subject credential in elementary education.


In conclusion, if you are looking to take a lower division math class, you have the option to take any of these 5. There are plenty more that you can take, all great courses, but these are definitely 5 of the more popular courses at San Diego State. Overall, math is a great class to take and although it may be difficult at times, you will become more knowledgable and be able to understand further math classes more.






Josy Lopez

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