Upper division math courses can be extremely challenging, especially if you are not the best at math. However, San Diego State has a large variety of upper division courses you can take. All of these math courses are great and will teach you a lot. These are just 5 of the upper division math courses that SDSU has to offer

#1 Math 303

MATH 303 is a course about the History of Mathematics.The prerequisite is mathematics 141 or completion of the General Education requirement in Foundations of Learning IIA, Natural Sciences and Quantitative Reasoning for non-majors. This course currents in the development of mathematics from ancient Egypt and Babylon to late nineteenth century Europe.


#2 Math 336

MATH 336 is a course about the Introduction to Mathematical Modeling. The prerequisite is Mathematics 254 with a grade of C (2.0) or better. This course will describe the models from the physical, natural, and social sciences including population models and arms race models. Emphasis on classes of models such as equilibrium models and compartment models.


#3 Math 342B

MATH 342B is a course about the Methods of Applied Mathematics II. The prerequisite for this course is Mathematics 342A with minimum grade of C. This curse will involve second order ordinary differential equations, power series methods, Bessel functions, Legendre polynomials, Linear partial differential equations, separation of variables, Fourier series, Sturm-Liouville theory, orthogonal expansions, Fourier Transforms. Also the use of computer software packages for symbolic algebra and solution of differential equations.


#4 Math 413

MATH 413 is a course about Mathematics for the Middle Grades. The prerequisite is Mathematics 313. This class is a teacher-level look at mathematics taught in middle grades, to include proportional reasoning, rational and real numbers, probability, and algebra. Intended for those planning to teach mathematics in middle grades, it cannot be used as part of major or minor in mathematical sciences with exception of major for single subject teaching credential. Students in the SSTC major must receive instructor permission.


#5 Math 414

MATH 414 is a course in Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction. The prerequisites include a senior standing and 12 upper division units in mathematics. This course will cover the historical development of mathematics and mathematics curriculum. Principles and procedures of mathematics instruction in secondary schools. For secondary and postsecondary teachers and teacher candidates. This course cannot be used as part of the major or minor in mathematical sciences with exception of major for the single subject teaching credential.


In conclusion, upper division math courses at San Diego State can be challenging. Although math is not usually favored by some, these classes are great and will teach you a lot of knowledge. Overall, these are just 5 of the several upper division math classes that SDSU offers, so if none of these catches your eye, make sure to look up a list on the SDSU website and check out what other options they have to offer.





Josy Lopez

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