Sociology, or the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society, is a very intriguing course to take. At San Diego State, they offer a variety of sociology courses that are very popular. Sociology is actually a very common major and also class to take especially as a freshman, and it sometimes inspires people to change their majors. These are 5 of SDSU‘s lower division sociology courses that you can take.

#1 Sociology 101

SOC 101 is an Introductory course to Sociology: The Study of Society. This course is prerequisite to all upper division courses in sociology. Throughout the course you will go over major ideas, concepts, and methods in the study of society to include socialization, culture, social structure, social stratification, deviance, social control, and social change.

#2 Sociology 102

SOC 102 is introduction to Social Problems course. Topics may include poverty, inequality, unemployment, crime and deviance, population and ecological problems, health, family issues, and the role of ideology and interest groups in the definition of social problems. (Formerly numbered Sociology 150).


#3 Sociology 201

SOC 201 is a course in Elementary Social Statistics. The prerequisite for this course is satisfaction of the Entry Level Mathematics requirement. This course will cover the basic statistical techniques in sociology such as: tables and graphs, measures of central tendency and variability, correlations, cross-classification, and introduction to multivariate analysis, sampling and statistical inference. Also, computer applications may be included. Students with credit or concurrent registration in the following lower division statistics courses will be awarded a total of four units for the two (or more) courses: Sociology 201, Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education 201, Biology 215, Civil Engineering 160, Economics 201, Political Science 201, Psychology 280, Statistics 119, 250.

#4 Sociology 296

SOC 296 is a course in Experimental Topics (1-4). This class has selected topics. They may be repeated with new content. Look at the class schedule for specific content. There is a limit of nine units of any combination of 296, 496, 596 courses applicable to a bachelor’s degree.

 #5 Sociology 301

SOC 301 is a course in Social Research Methods. Prerequisites include Sociology 201 and Sociology 101 or 102. This is a course about methods in sociological research to include surveys, field experiments, observations, ethnography, comparative, historical, and content analysis. Methods are linked to sociological theory. (Formerly numbered Sociology 250).


In conclusion, Sociology is a very intriguing subject to learn at SDSU. Not only are these courses very fascinating, but they force you to think outside of the norm and start to analyze how and why we live in the society that we do today. Overall, lower division sociology courses at SDSU are highly recommended by many and you should try to at least take one.


Josy Lopez

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