Minors are specialties that you can focus on throughout your studies at San Diego State. Minors not only create a more challenging but unique education, but they are extremely useful for your future. Minors add a lot to your college diploma. When you have a minor, you show the work place that you are good in more than one area os study. SDSU offers several minors, but here are 5 of the unusual ones you can choose from.

#1 Asian Studies

The Mission of the SDSU Center for Asian And Pacific Studies is to prepare students to thrive in an environment impacted by globalization by imparting  knowledge of and insight on the dynamic Asian societies and cultures at the forefront of change to contribute to ongoing scholarly research on Asia through participation in professional conferences and publications to share their knowledge and expertise on Asia with the broader San Diego Community.

#2 Energy Studies

The Center for Energy Studies (CES) was founded in 1981 to facilitate, promote and support research and academic programs relating to the study of energy and its impact on society. Particular emphasis has been placed on issues of concern to the San Diego region, including the border region with Mexico. The Center provides a forum for faculty, students and researchers from different disciplines to cooperate in the study of matters relating to the technical, economic and environmental aspects of energy use. The Director is Dr. Alan Sweedler. The CES coordinates the minor in energy studies offered at SDSU. This is an interdisciplinary minor that exposes students to a variety of topics in energy technology and policy. It is intended for students who seek professional careers in energy-related fields.

 #3 Islamic and Arabic Studies

The undergraduate minor in Islamic & Arabic Studies, designed for students specializing in other fields, brings together an interesting and enriching combination of courses in Political Science, Religious Studies, History, and Language. To obtain this undergraduate minor students have to complete a minimum of 15 units, or 5 classes, that all have a 100% focus on Islamic and Arabic topics.

#4 Military Science

The Four Year Program begins with Basic Course Instruction. This part of the program offers students an overview of the role and organization of the Army. As part of the Basic Course Program Cadets have the option to participate in the Leadership Laboratory. Collective, practical application of activities in the Leadership Laboratory include: Physical Training and Conditioning, Rappelling, Rope Bridges, Field Training, Land Navigation, First Aid, Basic Rifle Marksmanship.

 #5 Russian

To earn a BA in Russian you will have to take Russian 100A, 100B, 200A, 200B, 110, and a minimum of 30 upper division units in Russian to include 301, 303, 305A-305B, 430, 441, 501, and six units in 400- or 500- level courses in Russian. A minor in another field approved by the departmental adviser in Russian is required for the degree. Each student program is planned individually with the program director. Russian majors are encouraged to study abroad in Russia. Students can study one semester or a full year at Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University or any other study abroad program offered by American Councils’ Study Abroad Programs.

In conclusion, choosing a minor is a great way to not only make the best out of your college education, but to have an advantage in the work place after college. Minoring in a language is usually the most popular choice, because it shows the work place you can speak to different people that they may not be able to. SDSU offers a large diverse variety of minors that you can choose, but if you are looking to choose something unique, these are some recommendations.

Josy Lopez

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