Sfsu best courses

San Francisco State University attracts students from around the world. SFSU students can take a variety of courses during their time at college. Some of these courses are hard while others are much easier. Here is a list of the best-rated San Francisco State University courses by former students:

ACCT 100 – Accounting

ACCT 100 reference guides are available for SFSU students.

ANTH 100 – Introduction to Biological Anthropology 

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ECON 101 – Introduction to Microeconomic Analysis 

Get prepared for the ECON 101 final exam with OneClass.

PHIL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 101 reference guides are available for SFSU students on OneClass.

SOC 105- Sociological Perspectives

SFSU students can download SOC 105 reference guides on OneClass.

GEOG 160 – Introduction to Enviornmental Science

SFSU students can now sign-up for the GEOG 160 final exam study guide.

FIN 303 – Accounting for Financial Analysis

The best FIN 303 reference guides are available on OneClass for SFSU students.

ASTR 115 – Introduction to Astronomy 

Get the complete set of ASTR 115 notes and study guides

CLAS 210 – Introduction to Greek and Roman Literature

SFSU students can now get the best final exam study guide for CLAS 210.

CSC 203 – JAVA Programming

Computer Science students taking CSC 203 can now sign-up for the final exam study guide.



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